First off, let me say that I work with cell phones and put invisishields on all the time. However, I never had to mess with full body shields. So, when the Pre came out and I wanted to protect it, I was in for a rude awakening.

I went through 3 invisishields and could never get the tips that wrap around the side to work well. They were just to narrow and wouldn't hold. I then tried a few other's that were recommended on this forum.

I have to say, sometimes the cheaper the better. The Bestskinsever was by far the easiest to apply and looks the best of all. It has the same material as all the expensive options but the corners hold much better. I can't add pics yet, but believe me when I say that I have wicked OCD about my phones and I am completely satisfied.

Here is my hints for everyone having problems:

With phones that require solution, the solution makes the screen adjustable so you can center it better, but it also makes the adhesive not work. The best way to apply these is to pretty much soak the main part of the screen protector. Place it and squeegee out from the center until it looks perfect. Yes, you can make the main part of the phone look perfect immediately. However, one you do that, let the tabs hang off the side for about 15-20 minutes. This is vital. It takes that long for the solution to dry off enough so that the tabs will stick and hold on contact. Simply use your fingers to hold down the tabs while counting to 30. After that, use your finger tips to work out any bubbles.

I'm telling you, this is the secret. Soak the center of the screen and work out the bubbles immediately. Leave it alone for 20 minutes and finish off the sides. I did this and worked so well that, after failing horribly in the past, partially because of the small invisishield tabs, I was able to perfectly put on the front and back with bestskinsever. I'm really happy now. If you have been hesitating over what to get, get this. It's cheap as crap. This is my first time ever with them and i'm immediately won over.

Btw, I still love invisishields for pretty much every other standard front screen, just not full body.