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    I was at FRYS and saw an INTERNATIONAL OEM PALM treo 800w charger for $9.99 -

    It comes with international plugs (which we dont need for this phone cause its not a world phone)

    And a setup just like how the pre's came.. PLUG detached from USB cable..


    Dont have sku# on me, but its a pretty big white box, with the Palm logo on it..
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    dont see it on their site, ****.
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    I bought one like that on my Fry's last week for 8.99 (it was on a clearance bin), but don't say you don't need the international adapters because is not a world phone, you can always use WIFI anywhere and also you can roam in any country that has CMDA (I did it personally using sprint phones in Mexico and in South America (in Argentina)
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    Can the original OP confirm (or anyone else) that this usb charger will work with the Pre??? I bought a a 2nd touchstone charger with cable, but have yet (after several attempts) to find a USB adapter to plug into the wall outlet that will actually work with the touchstone. I don't really want to pay $40 for the one that Palm sells on its website
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    Of course it works, it has the EXACT SAME micro USB cable that came with the PRE (is the same one with the little round silver thing on it), and the adapter has the same voltage and amps...
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    Thanks! I got 2 yesterday at Fry's on northside of Indy for $9.99 each. Didn't see anymore.

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