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    Has anyone purchased the rubberized case that is available for Pre?

    Google "Palm Pre Black Rubberized Case" to see what I'm talking about..

    If you have it, how do you like it? I'm considering a purchase.

    I just purchased the invisible screen guard.

    I'm hoping the screen guard plus this case = bullet-proof Pre.

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    There is an issue where the proximity sensor is covered and detects the case and turns the screen off when you are in a call.
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    the first two that came up on my search look like they cover the gesture area around the center button. That'd be a deal breaker for me on the case
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    Covers the proximity sensor, won't work.

    The prox sensor is an ir sensor to the right of the ear piece. If you cover it, it will think your face is against the phone during a call, and will not allow you to hang up.

    It appears to cover the gesture area as well. so that's also a no no.

    Also, no touchstone, I am sure of it.

    EDIT: looks like the above beat me to it.
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    They also look like they would prevent using the back motion.

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