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    I've read on here that you can only use the touchstone with the wall charger and not the usb cord. Is this because most people aren't using a powered usb port? Or a cable that can output 1.5v for the touchstone? It just seems trivial to me that it can't get power from usb like almost any other device. I really want to buy a Touchstone for my office but I don't have a spare outlet at my desk. Oh well, looks like I'll be investing in a bigger surge protector with a touchstone unless someone knows something I don't.
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    No one has any knowledge or experience with this?
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    The Touchstone requires more amperage than a powered USB port puts out. It is very touchy about the amount of power that it gets. It wouldn't even work when I attached a USB extension cord to the official Sprint USB cable. I had to go from the outlet -> USB adapter -> USB cable -> Touchstone
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    I really appreciate the answer, 2roadsdiverge, I did search and I guess I wasn't using the correct search words. I guess I will just be buying the touchstone and hooking it up with a power adapter.

    On another note, I really don't like hostile responses such as just saying one word like search. It's disrespectful and offers nothing to the conversation. I know its the internet and it is part of what you get with the deal, but I figured being a great community like this one would offer a slightly higher class. Maybe if realistdreamer has seen that I said I read a bunch of things on here about the touchstone he could have used the brain in his head to figure out that that means I searched. oh well, just a rant.

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