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    I already have one of these.... - SCOSCHE USB12V2 Black Dual USB Car Charger - Cell Phone Accessories

    will it power my touchstone????

    I also need an extra long cable to pair with this... Where can i get one that will work for sure????

    Thanks in advance!
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    Wondering the same. It reports to work w/ blackberry, ipod, G1, Zune, & Palm Centro. No clue about the pre...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdavis55 View Post
    will it power my touchstone????
    I'm also interested in having a Touchstone in my car. Haven't got it to work yet, but what I've seen from other postings is that the adapter needs to put out about 1 amp to power the Touchstone (most USB is only about 500ma and that won't work). I bought a Kensington adapter yesterday, that was rated 1 amp, but it was DOA when I got it home . I couldn't see a rating on your Scoche adapter, but if you already have it and a Touchstone, just try it.

    The cable issue is just a matter of finding one with a small micro USB plug that will fit in the Touchstone. People have talked about successfully shaving the rubber part with an Exacto knife ... YMMV.

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    There are way too many threads discussing the problems with aftermarket chargers and the Pre to dig up a 2 month old thread that obviously hasn't attracted much interest.
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    Just save yourself the time & money & buy the Palm Vehicle Charger from It works with the Touchstone w/o any mods. Unfortunately, the cable isn't that long.
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    Been a long time reader, first post. Maybe give you some ideas:

    I ended up just buying the sprint palm car charger (I noticed they updated the size of the micro usb end on the car charger from a rubber square block to one that fits the touchstone). I went out and found a type-mini add-a-circuit at advance auto, placed a 7.5a (the touchstone uses 1A but that fuse is found within the car charger itself, so any size is fine) fuse in it and found an empty acc port in my interior fusebox. I then bought a male to two female cigarette lighter splitter and just cut off one of the females and wired it to the add-a-circuit. Easily enough all I had to do then was plug the car charger into the socket and run the wire behind the steering column, which I then ran it in and behind my right driverside air vent, and back out the top of it which plugs into the touchstone itself. This method allows me to have the Touchstone Palm letters facing correctly and I have found that the use of the Touchstone can make the phone fairly hot, so I have this with my A/C working and that problem is corrected.

    My first Touchstone did burn out at work (not sure why) since then I have moved my new one to my car and it works superb. This setup is great because it's very close to being hard-wired into the car but completely removable. If I had to get a new phone (which I doubt I will) all I'd have to do is get that phones car charger and plug it in. If you do end up doing something similar to this make sure you find an accessory spot in your fuse box, and not a live one. Otherwise your touchstone will most likely drain your battery.

    This was just a quick pic that I took with my phone before work to show to some iPhone co-workers heh.
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    I took the lazy approach myself. I was having a car radio installed at Best Buy anyway and had them also put in a Touchstone mount. They use a bracketron mount that is next to (and slightly above) the radio, ran the cables behind the dash coming out by the mount with just enough slack to plug into the Touchstone. Used the Palm car charger. Works great.

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