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    In my experience with previous Treos, Centro, and now with the Pre Plus, I have been very pleased with Zagg's Invisible Shield. My mistake was not to use Invisible Sheild on my Pre Plus when I first got it. I tried another brand's shield...bubbles started to come and it decreased the sensitivity of the touchscreen. The Invisible Shield for Pre Plus is much better. Try it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ucsbjd View Post
    So I've tried a Amzer screen protector - pretty legit but you can still tell there is a screen on it, it is a little more "tacky", and a few residual super small bubbles remain. I peeled that baby off in two days, and have resigned myself to no screen protector.

    Face it, no matter what you try to tell yourself, the screen protectors are 1) a pain in the ***** to put on, 2) Look lame, 3) Take away from the true "feel" of the pre, and 4) make the screen look a little "sunk" into the device...hard to explain.

    I'm going with no screen protector, because face it; in two years we're all going to get the latest and greatest webOS device, we're not likely to sell our phones at that time, and is 2 years of dealing with a screen protector really worth it?

    Who's with me?

    Strip that Pre, let those pre-ties hang out!
    Naked pre rules. Eevryone should stop wasting their money
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