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    Please have a quick look at the link below:

    mophie's Juice Pack Air: world's thinnest iPhone 3G battery / case

    I don't know about anyone else, but I would LOVE to have something like this available for the Pre. Does anyone see a possible implementation of this sort of extender for the Pre? Would it be possible via the MicroUSB connector?

    I personally wouldn't mind a little extra girth for the nimble little Pre if that's what required to have something like this; anything that could extend the daily usability life of the Pre for me is worth it; I don't want to have to carry extra charging cables/touchstone/extra batteries around... and I shouldn't have to. One full charge should get me through a day and a half, minimum, of moderate use; that should be a standard or something.

    My Pre is usable for about 8 hours while I'm at work and is running on fumes by the time I get home, and this is with little to moderate use (text, email, a bit of web surfing, some phone calls; nothing majorly power draining). I have read the threads regarding "maximizing battery life" and practice those ideas myself, and its still not enough.

    I hate to sound so sour/like a hater, and I do love the Pre, but the battery issue a serious concern for me and many others on the forums.

    I'm hoping this "conditioning" of the battery that everyone is talking about will soon positively affect my Pre; still getting below average battery life after 1.5 weeks of use.
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    The design of the Pre doesn't lend itself to a battery pack like this. If it is really a problem you would be better off tossing a spare battery in your pocket or glove box.
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    I hate things that make the battery cover bigger or things that give you more battery life but are huge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VisualAurava View Post
    I hate things that make the battery cover bigger or things that give you more battery life but are huge.
    I wouldn't mind the extra bulk. Even with a bulky battery life extender, it will still be smaller than an iPhone.

    But I do not think a battery extender such as this should make the phone overly bulky, such as with odd protrusions from the accessory or something.

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