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    Is anyone else really loving the battery cover for the touchstone? I actually had purchased the full zugg invisible shield (covers the whole phone) before getting the phone. By the time my InvisibleShield came in the mail (this past Saturday) I had decided that I liek the texture of the battery cover so much that I decided to only apply the front portion of the InvisibleShield on my Pre to protect the screen.

    Anyone else?
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    I've yet to apply my full body skin, but I was thinking the exact same thing. I can actually hold the phone like I'm not gripping it for dear life. I may put the back on just to see though, as it will peel of easily if I don't like it.
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    I have two touchstones which means I have a backup touchstone battery cover as well as the original cover that came with the phone. I received my Invisible Shield in the mail yesterday and plan on only putting the front part on the phone. I will put the back invisible shield on the original battery cover just in case I have to use it sometime down the road.
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    can we buy just the back cover? I love the look but dont buy into the gimicky of the indunction charger, doesnt bother me to plug it into the wall and get juice in it quicker anyways

    EDIT: Thanks Ronlongo, didnt see it on there yesterday when i got a tweet saying they had touchstones in stock
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    If you want to buy just the back cover, you can to buy it directly from Palm's web site.
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    I really like the Touchstone battery cover also. It looks cool and it feels great in the hand - a slight rubbery texture. I covered the screen with a Bodyguardz protector, but I'm not covering the new battery cover.

    My biggest issue with the Bodyguardz/InvisibleShield/BSE stuff is that I don't like how it feels in my hand. With the Touchstone battery cover and the screen protector over the screen only, it's the best of both worlds.
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    I had planned to wait a bit for the touchstone until I looked at the back piece firsthand. The back is such a nice matte texture and they didn't sacrifice the pretty silver palm logo. Plus, voila! No more fingerprints on the back.

    I saw that you could purchase the back without the touchstone after I sprung for the whole thing, but that's okay. Not taking it back now, I'm already hooked on not having to mess with that little micro usb door.

    Does the invisible shield have a similar texture? I may just buy it for the front after I recover financially!
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    I bought my Touchstone at the launch and have not had the "slip out of pocket" phenomenon that has been repeated here. I suspect it has something to do with the back cover.
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    with the TS back cover on, does it fit nicely into the pouch that came with the phone?

    anyone with a second TS cover want to sell it for better price than 19.99?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rangness View Post
    with the TS back cover on, does it fit nicely into the pouch that came with the phone?
    Yes, it fits just fine. That pouch is great - I'm going to want another one, but haven't found where you can buy it (the pouch) alone. I got a little spot of goo on it already.
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    The touchstone back isn't any bigger than the original one, not that I can tell. There's just a different texture on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redbirdie View Post
    Yes, it fits just fine. That pouch is great - I'm going to want another one, but haven't found where you can buy it (the pouch) alone. I got a little spot of goo on it already.
    I got a little honey on mine, just kinda licked it (yes, I know.. so what) and then rubbed it with my finger and finger nail and it came out..
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    I love the touchstone back cover, totally rocks and feels like I can hold on with out the dang thing slipping out of my hand!
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    I just love the TS cover. I wish my Sprint store would have had the TS kit in stock at launch. The phone slipped out of my hands while I was trying to polish it up and I ended up with a small crack on the lower front corner about 6 hours after buying it. If I would have had that cover on it would never have slipped. Oh well, it still works great though.
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    Definitely. I got the full body guardz skin, but I'm only planning on using the screen portion.

    I think I could have saved money buying just a screen protector instead of the 2-piece skin, but I figured I might as well buy it now, in case I change my mind later.
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    I really like the material. I wish they used the same material for the rest of the Pre, instead of the fingerprint prone plastic they used.
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    Loving the matte finish on the touchstone back as well!
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    Ditto. I prefer the Touchstone back cover to the original. Much less slippery.
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    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Touchstone cover! It makes the phone look even classier IMHO (if that's even possible; I mean the Pre is so classy already, it may blow the needle off the classy scale!).
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    Add me to this list. IMHO, the whole phone should have been matte finish. This cover is remarkable.

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