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    I don't know if it's supposed to or if other people have had luck but I tried plugging in the palm usb cable (the one that came with the phone) into my laptop and/or docking station and then the other end into the Touchstone. When I put the Pre on the touchstone I get nothing.

    Is there a driver I need to download to enable this so power is sent to the Touchstone? Would think it's possible but maybe I'm missing something.
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    No it doesnt work. Cant work. There are several threads discussing this in the accessories forum.
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    If I'm not mistaken, you MUST use the touchstone plugged in to an outlet. I could be wrong though...
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    You can't charge from computer. You have to charge from outlet. You can, however, connect the USB cord into the USB connector in the phone, while it is on the Touchstone charging, to transfer information to the computer.
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    Gee, the little instruction booklet that came with the TouchStone clearly shows you cannot power it with a PC...
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    Not sure what I did, but I just got the Pre to charge via the Touchstone while connected to my PC. It would work fine until I lifted the phone off and put it back on. It worked twice in a span of about 30 mins. The 2nd time I let it sit there for about an hour and it charged all the way to the top. My laptop was connected to an outlet in my kitchen. The wall socket has 2 outlets, and the microwave was connected to the outlet beside my laptop's plug. The only factor I can think of is I unplugged the micro and then plugged in a floor lamp, then unplugged that and plugged the micro back in. Then unplugged the micro and plugged an egg beater in, then unplugged that and plugged the micro back in. All while leaving my laptop plugged in. I had my phone sitting on the touchstone while the touchstone was attached to my laptops USB port, ( I forget why I had it set up like that, I think I was about to take the micro usb out of the TS and put it in the side of the Pre, but then I heard the charging notification sound.) I was so confused. Anyway, if people would like me to do some investigating into that specific outlet or if I can pinpoint what was causing this, let me know, otherwise I'll just let it go as a fluke occurrence.
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    Read the instructions that came with the stone!

    It has pictures and all if you can't figure it out. It clearly states that you can NOT use it via usb connected to a PC.
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    I seem to be the only one who has successfully gotten the Touchstone to charge the Pre which the TS is attached to a PC, so I'm starting a thread, if anyone would like to chime in.

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