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    I am really overprotective of my phone and I'm looking for a really good screen protector that is easy to apply and doesn't come off when its in your pocket. Has anyone tried any screen protectors? Does anyone recommend anything? And any coupon codes if you have any.

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    I have Bodygaurdz on my phone and I think it looks great. It is not real simple to install but it will protect you phone forever. Here are some pics for you to look at. Also DADROCKS should get you 15% off for the next week at least.
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    You should really "search" or even look at the front page for the options regarding screen protectors? Theres a "sticky" on the different types etc

    Value for money nothing better then the BSE
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    Look like the best one I have seen is done Smartphone
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    I am using Invisishield by Zagg and I really like it. I have the touchstone back battery cover and although it looked at first that I would not be able to use the invisishield for the back, I was able to get it to adhere. I have found that the battery charging via the touchstone is not impeded at all. I am one happy customer.
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    I just put on the bodyguardz. The front turned out fine, but back cover does not fit properly with the touchstone back.
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    Did Invisible Shield on mine...close to the Body Gaurds, just like them better. It fits just about perfectly. Just make sure after peeling it off the backing to let it set for a min to unstretch from being pulled off the backing. And when putting on with the rubber card they give y ou dont push too hard as it can stretch it too. But I am bubbles, perfect fit on front and back....AND got it ordered on Memorial Day sale weekend, so only paid half price ($15 I think for Full Body) directly from ZAGG.
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    i have phantom skinz on my phone. Real easy to install and they send you two screen protectors...
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    i just put my body guardz last night omg it looks great no bubbles but the edges can be a pain in the you know what. I love this screen protector and plus side they give you sets. However, they dont give you a cleaning cloth oh well.

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