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    Has anyone used one of these yet? If so, are they worth forking over $60 for?
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    I have used their cases for several Blackberries over the years.

    The quality is good, the designs are mixed. Some are a little gaudy for my taste but they can be easily customized. The company is reliable, but a little slow to fill orders as they make each one after the order is placed.
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    They look very nice but I think they are a little pricey.
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    Absolutely the best case for any phone out there.
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    I used them for Treos, great case but the slider is causing the case to be less productive for the Vaja Case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TMPRIDE View Post
    Has anyone used one of these yet? If so, are they worth forking over $60 for?

    Vaja Leather Products
    I agree with ChrisMac323, they are the best cases out. For our Treo 650s, we have the ivolution for my wife and I have the Classic Top in Tutone. After almost five years, they still get looks. We also have a black Classic Top flip case for our BB 8830 and it is superb.

    I am concerned on how they will overcome the slider. Not too keen on a pouch. Hope that they design a good one and I will order it.
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    Crazy question...

    would a Treo Pro with a Pro Vaja Blance case fit in a Treo Pre Case Ivolution Deco?
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    No; Vaja cases literally fit specified devices like a second skin and are not interchangeable. I'll second what others have said: they are the best most elegant cases on the market but may be a bit too snug to be practical for a Pre.

    They're best for devices that can be used while in the case as opposed to a holster.

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