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    Was bored last night and decided to see how many cards I could open (and still use the thing) before the dreaded "Too many cards open" message came up.

    As you'll see, I had open Messaging, Contacts, Calendar, Google Maps, Music, Email, Email message, Sprint Navigation, Memos, App Catalog and three Browser windows.

    By the time I tried to open the third browser window, I got the "too many" open message. The Pre felt considerably slower by then, but I was still able to switch between cards and even Sprint Nav was able to calculate a route without much issue.

    Give it a try and post back how many were you able to open and how usable was it.

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    Don't know why there are times when I get the "Too many cards open" when I only have I browser open and taking a picture. Weird.....
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    I've managed 13-15 with only a minor slowdown - 5 web browser tabs, Sprint Navigation, a few notes, calendar, email, fandango, contacts, and dialpad. How much memory the browser needs tends to vary based on website - on more intense browsing sessions I can only keep two browser cards open, at other times I can run far more than that simply because I'm viewing text-heavy pages. I average 5 cards open at any given time without slowdown.
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    Hmmm... why was this moved to an "Accessories" forum?

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