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    I installed the Bodyguardz on my Touchstone back, and after a night of charging there is an almost semicircle mark on the back of the phone. Has anyone else noticed this? Could it be a result of the heat and pressure when charging on the Touchstone?
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    I did not install the back for the touchstone because of the matte on it. No need I think. The back for the touchstone will most likely never show scratchs anyhow.
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    Can you "massage" it out? If Bodyguardz is anything like the Invisible Shield material then it does tend to take impressions from things, but they go away on their own/with a little work. When I had a different phone with the IS on it would show the stitch marks from my hipcase, but they weren't permanent.
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    Heat will cause any of those protectors (BodyGuards/Zagg/Phantomskinz) to change in size.
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    i don't really get why you'd put a zagg type back on the pre's REPLACEABLE, matte back plate. i can sort've understand putting the back on the iphone 3G (i've done it to mine) since the back doesn't come off.

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