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    Got mine done at the mall kiosk so if it comes apart I can more easily get a replacement. $10 seems cheap for that piece of mind. I can work on carpentry, but wet plastic is not my cup of tea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TechFirstAid View Post
    I have an extra unused set of Bodyguardz skins for sale. I'd let them go for $20.
    Hahaha are you kidding. You're trying to sell your extra set for $20 when you ordered them for $25 and got two sets? And you probably got a discount on them too. What a rip off
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    Quote Originally Posted by joelvds View Post
    I put on my invisible shield on just over 24 hours ago now. After installation it looked like crap. Very bad orange peel look, and a few bubbles on the outer edges that I somehow missed.

    But after 24 hours the shield seems to have smoothed itself out alot. I can still easy see that it has the shield on it and the little bubbles that are there annoy the heck out of me.

    Also it looks like there are two bad scratches in the shield or putting the shield on scratched my Pre. The scratches are the part that annoys me the most as they are perfectly straight lines and distort the image where they are. So on a plain white background like in e-mail they stick out bad. I am tempted to tear it off to see if the scratches are in the Pre or the shield. I am not sure if I am going to keep the shield on or not. I love the feel of the shield and it keeps the finger prints to a minimum and I think the touch response is better. But it just looks like crap with the bubbles and the scratches.
    If you search this problem on Google you can read that it is some sort of defect in the material that is fairly common in the Invisible Shield. You should take it off and email them for a free replacement. That is if you can bare trying to install another one.

    I did lots of research before deciding which protector I would use. Bored at work lol
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    Paid $10 to get IS installed at the mall. Looks fine, but does have the orange peel for now (12 hours later). I'm satisfied, but the bodyguardz didn't seem to have the orange peel if that matters to you.

    Pics from my Centro.

    Update: Works with TS just fine.
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    Just installed my Cell Phone Screen Protectors, Accessories & Screen Covers | yesterday on my wife's pre.. pretty impressed so far. i'll try to take some pics..

    i like it though, very nice!
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    Ordering Phantom Skinz for the front due to my experience with IS. I have no problem installing them with good results, it just that the from looks like a orange and the back really smooth and clear. I will leave the back on because i like the tacky feeling of IS and just replace the front with the Phantom Skinz and replace the back when necessary. Skinz are only 12.49 with free shipiing for two full sets during the month of June. You need to put this code in when ordering "summer50".
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    How long do these skins generally last? I have to say I'm happy with BSE, I'm just worried that I'll be doing this again very soon. I imagine the corners will be the first to go.
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    Everyone keeps saying that the bubbles on the IS will go away in a few days but its really frustrating to wait. The bubbles on mine aren't right on the edges, one is even on the screen. Will these go away too? I'm really having doubts now, for the most part it looks good but I still have 8-ish bubbles. Ahh!
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    had bubbles on mine until i applied direct pressure on the bubbles until they vanished, light pressure.
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    I kept the original plastic on until I received my IS, the back of my Pre looks really good but the screen looked terrible. I since remove the front and replace with Phantom skinz, which came out perfect. This has got to be the easy shield to install, your a take off within five minutes if you mess up and reapply. I just used my finger to apply and remove the water and bubbles, this there's no marks. There were no bubble and the screen was almost perfectly clear. The sides are completely covered with no orange peel like IS and the corners stick really well. If you should buy these make sure you use 1 cup one warm water in a bowl with a drop of soap. The soap makes it easy to side into position because without jump likes the other skins it will stick to to pre as so as you touch the screen. I can't believe how nice an clear and smooth it feel compared to IS. The Phantom Skinz are on sale through June and you get two sets with life time warranty, 30 day mb for 4.97 fronts / 12.47 full with shipping included. This the code needed for the discounted. summer50
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    THIS CRAP SUCKS BALLS STAY AWAY FROM THIS GARBAGE! It was all over the place sticking EVERYWHERE BUT the right way. I finally got pissed off and thrashed it. What a waste of MY hard earned cash!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCalMario View Post
    THIS CRAP SUCKS BALLS STAY AWAY FROM THIS GARBAGE! It was all over the place sticking EVERYWHERE BUT the right way. I finally got pissed off and thrashed it. What a waste of MY hard earned cash!
    Hi So Cal,

    What happened in your install? I am here to help you.

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    have a skin from phantom skinz. i couldn't the the tabs for the corners on correctly - without the corners of the seams bubbling up a little - so I cut them off. i'm mostly concerned with protecting the screen. it's phenomenal. amazingly smooth and i'm not afraid to dash some change in with my pre. the only thing that sucks is that there's a small hair that was trapped by the skin in the upper left corner and there is a scratch or gouge that appeared in the middle right side of the screen that I can only see when it's off. neither are distracting when actually doing work on the pre, but still, i want a perfect install. operator error, though.

    i actually may order another set and try again.
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    Put an InvisaShield on the front and back of my Pre. Hated the orangey glare and thickness of it but liked the grip feel (for the back only) so took off the front and left the back on.
    Got 2 front pieces from Phantom Skinz for less than $5 online, slapped one on with much more ease than InvisaShield, and absolutely love it! Not as thick so the touch sensitivity is as if there is nothing covering the screen and no weird color glare when in the sun. Got my edges perfect and it cured with no air bubbles in 24 hours. This brand is easier to work with because you actually soak the whole piece in water as apposed to misting it and it manually slides around for that perfect fit.
    PHANTOM SKINZ! Cheaper in price and better in quality/feel than other brands...
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    Went to Best Buy yesterday, bought the Zagg, they offered to install it for $8. I waited about 15 minutes and the guy was just finishing. There were 2 bubbles on the bottom when i checked it out outside in the sun.

    Today i looked at it and both bubbles are gone. The screen looks flawless.

    So far so good with Zagg for me at least.
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