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    >riding a bike

    Careful, riding with a headset is illegal in some areas. I've done it many times and have never been pulled over, but you never know. Keep the volume low and be safe.
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    I'm using Bose Mobile On-Ear Triport headphones with the built-in microphone. They are really comfortable and portable, but overpriced. Fortunately I had found a good deal on them through Craigslist.
    My other headset is the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10vi from ebay.
    I also use Panasonic RP-HJE900 when I'm in bed because the UE TripleFis stick out too much to turn my head sideways on my pillow. They're back on sale at J&R for $110. But these don't have a mic.

    Quote Originally Posted by prebulls View Post
    I am lusting for the Bose On-ear headphones at Best Buy. Anyone using those?
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    I know these are not on your list... But I use them for running. My hubby uses them for cycling and we love them.

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    honestly i have gone threw 30 diffrent headphones using them with my ipod's and my phones. so far the ones i like the most are the cheapest pair i have ever bought. The body gloves headphones with built in mic from walmart lol. then have good quality sound not to much bass. the most irritating part about them are the so called none tangle cord. Other then that they work great for me when i listin to music i have a pair i am willing to part with because i no longer use them because with my new job i allrdy ware a set of headphones allday(i work in a call center). Plus i just got a plantoics BT set. pay shipping and i will send them out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    Well the best earphones in the world would be the ER•4 MicroPro™ Earphones. Etymotic Research, Inc. - ER-4 MicroPro Insert Earphones

    The best "Headset" in the world for the Pre would be the hf2™ Headset + Earphones Etymotic Research, Inc. - hf2â„¢ Earphones

    Do the research and you will see what I say is true
    No the best headphones in the world are the sennheiser HD650 or HD800 with cardas cable attached to a rega ear headphone amp or equivalent and a suitable pre-amplifier - linn ideally, but plugging the pre into all that would be overkill....and cost you a great deal more than the pre iteslf

    however you can buy a FiiO e5 mini headphone amp whch will improve the quality and volume of the pre's sound output considerably, and significantly reduce the pre battery drain - I got 45 minutes of playing with only 5% of drain - Much less than when the pre is powering the headphones itself.

    What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision - FiiO E5 headphone amplifier review.

    USB chargeable and tiny - it's really great value, at around $20 and not pre specific - & can be used with any portable music player. FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier: Electronics
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    I'm using Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10vi and love them. very clean sound. got them on sale a while ago
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    I use my Beats By Dre Studios, but they are full sized over-the-ear phones. They are amazing, and yes I am well aware of the reputation Monster stuff has. These are great, have two different cords, one strictly just for music the other has a built-in mic with button that looks non-obtrusive. They do make buds with the same thing, other than the cord is hardwired and not removable, plus they are cheaper, but willing to bet they are of great quality too. Just my 2¢
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    Sennheiser CX500 here. I'm thinking of getting a replacement since the plug on it is worn out from extensive use (I've been using them for several other devices prior), and one side is cutting out.

    My Pre actually brought these phones alive, I hear a lot more detail than any other device, positively surprised with the Pre's audio quality.

    BTW does anyone know the output impedance of the Pre? Want to get headphones that match it for maximum output.
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    Koss KSC75s are the greatest headphones ever.

    They're dirt cheap.
    They have the BEST sound in headphones less than $40 or so.
    They're the most comfortable clip-ons, because they can be bent to fit ANY ear (so long as you have ear lobes; no ear lobes? then you'll want to pass on these).
    And they come with a lifetime warranty to boot.

    But once you hear them, you'll soon re-discover your entire music collection. They are an incredibly colorful pair of "cans".
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