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    Just found this link at I bought one for the Pre and my Zune. Anyone know if they are any good? Can't beat the price
    50% off code is: fathersday09
    BTW sale ends today.
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    I don't know that particular company...but also has both the screen protector and full body kit for 50% off (with code "summer50")...and is even cheaper than clearprotector. A number of people on this board including myself have used phantomskinz so it is a pretty safe bet. Free shipping too....took only 3 days for me to receive it.

    edit: Google "Orange Peel Effect" AND Phantom Skinz. Apparently you can see a bumpy texture when you look at most of these screen protectors from an angle...which becomes more apparent over time. According to a few reviews...Phantom Skinz has very little or the least amount of "Orange Peel Effect" of the main Invisible Shield, Best Skins Ever, etc.
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    Personally I believe that PhantomSkinz is the best (cost, support, quality) of all these types of protectors. I have used Zagg, BestSkinsEver, BodyGuardz, and PhantomSkinz.
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    I just installed the Invisible Shield from Zagg on my Pre yesterday. I've always been very happy with them granted however I haven't tried anyone else. Once nice thing I can confirm is that it does NOT effect TouchStone charging. I put the whole body kit on and I love it!! Sure makes the pre allot easier to open with 1 hand. I SO happy that I no longer have to use a case.

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