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    Got my Touchstone with a discount coupon at Best Buy; I'm planning to save up for another Touchstone and purchase it here at PreCentral. Mine appears to charge very quickly, and not fooling with that little micro usb door is a big deal for me.
    Besides, the thing is just pretty and the back doesn't pick up fingerprints like the shiny back.
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    Im going to wait till I see $5-$10 china knockoffs on ebay ..I have a toothbrush that charges the same way and the whole thing cost way less than a touchstone by itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by acipollo View Post
    Hey, a new Cadillac CTS costs about $4900 to build, but people pay $50000 for it!!!
    I just plugged mine in and it is charging pretty fast... Faster than just USB charging and a tad slower than direct outlet charging..

    And I was just joshing about the CTS.. But I'm sure you all get the point.. It costs $5200
    Ummm, I'm pretty sure people aren't paying $50k for the CTS. More like they're paying nothing, since no one is buying any. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MO3iusONE View Post
    I'll be honest, the only reason why i really bought the touchstone is for that battery cover, well I was disappointed that the touchstone did not come with the usb cable, so I have to use my current one and it doesn't charge when I plug it into my computer. I think I'm gonna return it once I exchange my Palm Pre for another since theres a lot of play in the slider.
    Well have to say I might have returned it (now that you could get the matte cover without the TS -- which i MUCH prefer) but the TS has turned into the perfect car charger solution. Shaved down the Sprint car charger so that it fits in the TS and it sits firm and secure on the center counsel. Would not want to do without it now.
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    I brought two great little device so much easier to use my pre on and off the charger in my car
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    Quote Originally Posted by fitzla View Post
    Ummm, I'm pretty sure people aren't paying $50k for the CTS. More like they're paying nothing, since no one is buying any. :-)
    Hmm, I have a CTS, paid nothing for it (j/k) , and mounted my Touchstone over the emergency flasher button. it looks really good. Even looks better with the Pre attached to it and better yet with the Pre attached to it sideways with Sprint TV live channels on the Pre's screen!

    How often does one use their emergency flashers anyways?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingjah2gz View Post
    I just took mine back last night.I never open the box from launch day at all just didnt see a need for it since everyone stated the phone charged slower.
    Not true.
    Quote Originally Posted by Septro View Post
    The Touchstone is basically the technology prostitute of the work-office. Everyone wants to take a peek, some folks want a quick touch, others think it's shameful to pay such a price and some folks fondle it when the Po-Po (me) is not around.

    Yea - just like a Prostitute and I'm the Pre's PIMP!
    You can't be the Pre's PIMP and the po-po at the same time bro.
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