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    I had another topic about some invisibleshield install tips, but now this one is to say DO NOT APPLY it.

    I saw a post from dkotoric1 that he got bad pixels after install.
    Well, I got the same thing.

    I tested the screen on a site designed for finding bad pixels, before install and the screen was perfect.
    I had issues with the install so I pulled it off and now I have about 4 dead pixels on there.

    I would not use these protectors on your screen!
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    I've had a Ghost Armor on for about 5-days w/o problem. Are you sure this wasn't an unfortunate coincidence?
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    I think it would have to be a coincidence, because I don't see how applying a film to the outside of the device could have any effect on the pixels on the screen unless you pressed excessively hard to get the bubbles out and somehow damaged the layer beneath the plastic where the pixels are.

    I have been using Invisible Shield and similar projects since their inception, and I have had no such problems on any of my devices up to and including the Pre.

    If you have dead pixels, take it back to Sprint and get a new Pre. Something else must be wrong.

    I am not doubting you have dead pixels or that it occurred after you installed Invisible Shield. I doubt that the two are related.

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    I was thinking it was coincidence as well and I too don't see how they're related, but since both dkotoric1 and I had the same issue, I wanted to post the warning to everyone.

    I'm going to get a replacement as soon as the Sprint store opens, but not taking any chances with Invisible Shield this time, going to use one of the straight-up screen protectors.
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    My Bodyguardz protector doesnt seem to have caused any issues at all. I have never used Bodyguardz prior to applying to my Pre, but I am pretty impressed.
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    Could it be the water? Could it be the pressing down? I don't know, but I'm going to a mall kiosk to get it "professionally" applied and if anything goes wrong, back to Sprint I go.

    It seems I'm going to have to try to break it during the 30 period just to ensure I want to keep it.
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    It took be about 30 mins and I got my InvisibleShield on just fine. It doesnt cover the entire device like I wanted, but it does cover the most touched (and therefore threatened) areas. I have NO dead pixels after application other than the ones it came with out of the box (@PALM: where's the pixel fixer?!).
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    I think the OP meant that he noticed the dead pixels after he took the InvisibleShield off. It may be possible that taking off the protector might have caused the problem, not putting it on. The only way to know is by other people taking off the protector, which I doubt anyone will do, unless it didn't come out right. We need to hear from people that have put on the protector, then decided to take the screen protector off.
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    Applying Invisible Shield or any other screen shield does NOT cause any dead/stuck pixel. Either thr user did not notice the issue prior tp the application or it's just and unfortunate coincidence.

    Please stop spreading FUD.
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    I'm guessing your screen protector might have small bubbles or tears which would make it seem like its a dead pixel. I agree with the rest of the folks, Its like painting your house and blaming the paint for a plumbing problem.
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    Installing IS definitely did kill one of my subpixels. Here's a photo, taken really close up with an EOS 50D and a 60mm macro:

    I'm pretty sure that the pressure incurred on the screen during the squeegiing process is likely to blame. Fortunately, it's only a subpixel, so it doesn't bother me too much, but DEFINITELY occurred after the install. I watched the "PALM" screen during shutoff - the screen was perfect. I noticed it INSTANTLY when it came back on after the installation of the IS. Those of you that have experienced this problem, I can relate - I'm *extremely* picky when it comes to screens and bad pixels.

    Given the manufacturing quality issues with these devices, I'm not surprised if the extra pressure was enough to cause one of the transistors in the screen to fail. On a general side note, I did do some levels adjust on the image to make it visible. This is while displaying a black screen. So,

    1.) All pixels and subpixels were *perfect* on this device just prior to installation of IS. I checked. I'd been aware of this thread, so I wanted to see if I would have the same experience.
    2.) Following IS installation, I do have one stuck subpixel (green, arguably one of the worst to have stuck on).
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    well I can confirm that right when I installed my invisible shield I got 5 or 6 dead pixels, my phone had none, it was perfect and now I'm deciding if I should have it exchanged.
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    how hard are you guys squeegeeing these shields on?
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    Not hard - and definitely not at that particular location where the pixel died. I'm not going to exchange the device because it's not noticeable unless the screen is showing something black - and even then, if the phone is more than a few inches away, it's barely noticeable.

    Nobody is arguing that the IS is the CAUSE of the dead pixels - only that applying them is exposing an inherent weakness in the construction of the device.
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    The thing is though, dead pixels aren't caused by external pressures (unless you physically crack the screen) but when the individual pixel becomes corrupted by faulty voltage or a manufacturing defect.
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    I did not get any from installing mine...
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    Well son of a !@#$%....

    I just picked up a new Pre yesterday and installed an invisibleSHIELD last night. No dead pixels after installation. I noticed I didn't get the edges quite right so I decided to take it off... and whaddya know... I can count about 12, yes 12, dead pixels on the screen PLUS there seems to be either some sort of delamenation or crack underneath the bottom left side of the screen. I'm taking it back to Sprint this morning...

    I don't really blame invisibleSHIELD though... I was very careful and gentle with the installation and removal. This phone has a beautiful operating system wrapped up in a Fisher Price build quality. Hell, I take that back. Even Fisher Price could build a more durable phone than this.
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    Palm and Sprint have clearly stated that they do not recommend a screen protector with this phone due to the capacitive touch screen and proximity sensor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    Palm and Sprint have clearly stated that they do not recommend a screen protector with this phone due to the capacitive touch screen and proximity sensor.
    Really, where have Palm and Sprint said that? Could you please provide a link?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    Palm and Sprint have clearly stated that they do not recommend a screen protector with this phone due to the capacitive touch screen and proximity sensor.
    Where have they said that? I didn't notice it in the manual. Good info though, I won't make that same mistake twice. Sheesh.
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