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    I have the same 2 stuck pixels I had before and after I had on my BSE
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    Palm and Sprint have clearly stated that they do not recommend a screen protector with this phone due to the capacitive touch screen and proximity sensor.
    Quote Originally Posted by heberman View Post
    Really, where have Palm and Sprint said that? Could you please provide a link?
    There's nothing wrong with doing it. This is BS. If this was the case then you shouldn't put them on iPhones/iPod Touches either. I've done both a number of times and there have been no troubles.

    That said, after putting on my Invisible Shield, the volume buttons started malfunctioning, but that has nothing to do with the touch screen and the proximity sensor.
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    Try this............

    iphone stuck pixel fix by knox

    open on your phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbad614 View Post
    Try this............

    iphone stuck pixel fix by knox

    open on your phone.
    Unfortunately doesn't work very well with pressure-induced damage to the screen - likely a manufacturing quality issue + screen pressure while installing = dead pixel or subpixel. It IS really good at giving me a seizure when I clicked the link and it ran on my 24", not expecting it to go immediately to the actual "pixel fixer!"
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    Incorrect removal of many screen protectors will cause unnecessary wear (abuse) to the screen.

    I've seen people in my office damage LCD screens by pulling the coating away from the screen at approximately 90 degrees. You MUST get a corner lifted, then fold it back along the screen and pull with thelifted and applied surfaces as close together as possible to minimize stress to the display. You can pull the layers apart by yanking straight out. This has to be done surgically.

    Also, some screen protectors are made for easy removal, IS is NOT one of them! As much as I like this type of protection on my devices (though I use Best Skins Ever) I would never apply one to a display of mine, only the body of the device. I consider this type of cover to be non-removable. They adhere far too securely for a delicate display.

    Regarding "stuck" pixels... I've tried many methods of repair I found online, but none has ever returned a single pixel to normal operation.
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    I love my IS. It is flawless.
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