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    I was trying to decide which battery charger to get for the PRE. Does it really make a difference? Should I just get the cheapest or is one better than the other. There are 3 choices so far.

    Here are the choices:

    1. Amzer® Multifunctional Battery Charger For Palm Pre: cost is 19.95


    2. Palm Spare Battery Charger for the PRE: cost is 29.99


    Palm Spare Battery Charger - Palm Accessories

    3. Siedio Multi-Function Battery Charger for PRE: cost is 29.95


    Multi Function Battery Charger
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    Sorry about the bump, but I though this was important, especially with the wording of Seidio's 1350 battery charging instructions.
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    I'm considering the Seidio multi-charger since, for the same price, it can charge the phone and spare battery at the same time.

    Update: Apparently so does the Amzer
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    I used the Seidio for my 755P. Found it handy. Uses a standard base with custom battery trays for each model phone. I'll be finding out if a Pre tray can pop into the base I've already got.
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    I saw the thread about the Seidio Multi-charger not having enough juice to charge the spare and use the touchstone.

    Is this true of the Amzer® Multifunctional Battery Charger as well?

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    I got the amzer multifunctional charger for my pre from and working perfectly fine.
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    Does the Palm charger really work for the batteries of the Pre and Pixi? I would choose this one based on the fact taht it doubles as a carry case for the battery when it's not charging.

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    can someone find the output spec for each? I have been unable to. SOmeone on the forum says that the Pre requires 1000ma to fully charge, but palm doesn't list it for their external charger. The wall adapter that comes with the phone does 1000ma, so perhaps the output is based on what it plugs in to. But, other chargers come with their own connection method.

    I have a dirt-cheap adapter I got on Amazon, and it says on a sticker that it only does 800ma. I don't want to buy another external charger unless I know it can do 1000ma of output.

    I'd really appreciate a definitive answer on any devices from the list above.
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    BTW, the cheap 800ma charger I have looks EXACTLY like the Amzer charger in the picture. That's part of what worries me.
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    The TouchStone requires 1000 mA. If you are buying a charger to power a TS, you should know the output before buying. If you're charging your Pre directly, less of an issue. Just about any charger will work.

    You may find this thread of value in your decision making: LINK.

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