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    Palm Spare Battery Charger - Palm Accessories

    I would imagine PreCentral will sell this at a nice discount soon. It seems like everything else $29.99 or above is available here for $10.04 less.
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    OK. I know Palm needs money, but this is getting annoying. Make a great phone with poor battery life. Make chargers with no cable. Charge an arm/leg for spare batteries and make a spare battery charger also with no cables.

    This is gonna **** some people off. I got my Monoprice cables today and they work great. I think I'm gonna wait on another Touchstone in hopes that an entreprenuer will come out with one that charges a spare AND the phone for CHEAPER.
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    I just noticed that as well.

    I really liked having the charger/case for my Instinct and it was great to carry around when I knew I was going to be out all day.

    I will get one and hopefully the 1350 battery as well once I get back from vacation.
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    I realize the battery life is an issue, but thankfullt Palm didn't pull a "Sony" on us and released the Pre with yet-another-battery.

    Personally, I've got a couple original Centro batteries and wall charger for less than $20 on eBay. The choices are there.
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    Good find OP.

    Use code PLMREG for 20% off at the plam store.
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    I don't mind that they're selling this, except for one thing. Again, it doesn't come with any sort of cable or anything to plug into the wall. It's getting a little ridiculous with that. Luckily, I bought a few spares off Monoprice, so if I ever need this I'm set, but still.

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