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    Just found out that Bodyguardz also has another company called Screenguardz that specializes in DRY screen protectors for anyone interested. The bodyguardz are very high quality and apparently don't suffer from the same orange-peel effect that IS does, so I would think the screenguardz are similar. $9.99 for a pack of 15 for the Pre. Anyone have any experience with Screenguardz? (I cant post links)
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    Just to follow up to my tips message earlier in this thread.. I installed the BSE skin on my Pre.. Installation went flawless.. Best one I've done so far.. No fingerprints, dust, bubbles.. Everything lined up..

    However -- I did subsequently remove the skin last night.. While I had one of these skins on a Samsung Instinct, and the touch screen worked fine with it -- I did not like how the touchscreen reacted after I put the skin on my Pre.. Additionally, I noticed that the proximity sensor seemed to become super sensitive -- if I was in phone mode and took the phone off my ear, to press buttons on the dialpad or whatever, the proximity sensor would kick in and turn off the screen quite often just from my hand coming close to the phone. Finally, my finger didn't slide so easily anymore with the skin on. On the Instinct, I fixed this issue by apply a small amount of car wax to the skin. I did the same with the Pre, and it still didn't respond as smoothly as when it was naked -- so I decided to remove it entirely.

    I think I may just move to keeping the phone in a case instead of bare in my pocket.. I've seen way too many posts from users that had the screen crack from the center button after keeping the phone in their pocket -- I dont really feel like shelling out $100 under my insurance to get it replaced for that reason.

    OH -- and after removing the skin, I had no dead or stuck pixels like some others have reported. Its as pristine as the day I bought it.. Remember, YMMV

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    i got mine put on at the IS kiosk at the mall looks great
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    I installed the front shield earlier this week......and the rear a day or so ago.....flawless!!! It's just took some steady effort. Anyone can do it...just keep your hands and the sticky side of the shield wet till you get it placed correctly.

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    I called BB and they said they could install any company's Invisible Shield for $7.99. However, I forgot to ask another question: What if it's just the front? Would I still have to pay the $7.99?
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    Well, I went to get my Touchstone today and they had InvisibleShields in there so I thought I'd give it a try.
    I thought about it and realized one of my earlier posts didn't make sense, that the shield caused dead pixels. Upon reflection I'm thinking they were probably there and I just didn't see them before.

    After I had botched the last one I saw a video on Youtube that suggested you spray the spray on the outside to help the squeegee glide over the shield.

    Well I tried that with this shield and.. it's PERFECT.
    No scuff marks on the shield, no bubbles, everything lines up, etc...
    I REALLY took my time with it, reapplied it a few times and used a TON of the spray.. I'm really going to let this thing sit over night this time, just to make SURE there's no more moisture before I turn it back on.

    Anyway, I think that is the key is using the spray on top of the shield before the squeegee.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    Here are some post-install shots from the 2nd attempt:
    (sorry about the fingerprint smudges. )
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    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    I'm thinking of giving this another go; I have one sitting on my desk that is in the box. I just am doing the front. My worry is that it just won't feel as nice as it does without the shield. Decisions...
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    They were setting up an IS install kiosk next to my Sprint kiosk in the mall as I left tonight. They said they'd do mine for free, as I promised to send them plenty of business. I'll throw some pictures up in the next few days and let you know how it goes!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawilson2 View Post
    My worry is that it just won't feel as nice as it does without the shield. Decisions...
    It definitely does feel different, but I wouldn't say better or worse, just different.
    Obviously there's a LITTLE more drag, but it's really not enough to even notice really.

    The pluses are that, depending on installation:
    • I can't even really tell it's there when the device is on
    • I have the shield on the front and the touchstone back, so don't have to worry about scratches.
    • I can wipe the screen with my shirt, or whatever is near, without developing those "micro scratches".

    I do recommend the shield, but if you can get it professionally installed it'll save a LOT of hassle.. they definitely are a pain in the **** to put on.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by andddlay View Post
    I called BB and they said they could install any company's Invisible Shield for $7.99. However, I forgot to ask another question: What if it's just the front? Would I still have to pay the $7.99?
    Why ask here? Why not call BB again and get it straight from the horses mouth? Also, is 8 bucks really going to break you if it's the same price for front only install?
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