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    Called Sprint, transferred to retention (cancellation Dept). Told them I want to cancel my Sprint Palm Pre line since I have terrible coverage in my house. I use the phone for business and I keep dropping business calls.

    "No problem we can fix this, I'm going to ship you a Airaveat no cost, I'm going to waive the monthly cost, unit cost and overnight shipping cost."

    The nice lady on the phone even asked me If I wanted to go to a local corporate Sprint store and pick it up there and she will credit it on my account. No need I'll have it Tuesday.

    Thank you Sprint
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    That's amazing! Is that the unit that essentially puts a tower outside your house?
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    I did the same thing and the Airave is awsome. Get full bars within 5000sq ft. It also allows you to only allow certian phone numbers to access the Airave. Just go to your sprint account to setup the numbers.
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    whats the number you called?
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    hey keep a close look!! See if they actually credit your accoint and the monthly fee is actually retentions they told me they will include 75 bonus minutes a month at no charge for forcing me to change my plan as composation... I called back 6 hours later to make sure it was applied happened to get a manager claimed there was no such offer given. It was same call center as original guy I talked to ya she asked him and told me he never said that... I was so pissed. They were nice when they made the promise but made me mad when they called me a liar. All I got was nights at 6 no 75 bonus min. Basically less talk time for more money. So my advice... Keep your eye on that bill
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    sweet it took me 30 minutes but I got a free Airave and the monthly fee waived.

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    Call 1800-639-6111 and press bunch of 00s till you get to a rep, ask them to transfer you to cancellation department. I'm glad some are doing it. I can't wait to get mine on Tuesday, I had to use my gf's Centro all day today in my house. The phone is sick tho!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedisrus View Post
    That's amazing! Is that the unit that essentially puts a tower outside your house?
    Its like a small router that plugs in to your home network (router). It gives you full bars within 5000SF from the box. You can have up to 3 phones hooked up to it. Tell everyone you know, they should make this a no hassle and give it to everyone with a Pre.
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    Had this happen today, actually dropped a call coming from outside and walking into my apt. ...

    FAQ on Airave

    21. Does a wireless call that starts outside of the Sprint AIRAVE coverage area transfer to the Sprint AIRAVE when I enter the coverage area?
    No, calls that are initiated on the Nationwide Sprint Network will continue on the Nationwide Sprint Network, even though you may be within the AIRAVE coverage area.

    Also check your bills, just checked mine online, saw an unfortunate charge ..
    Just posted about it ...
    R.I.P Palm Centro (6.5.09)
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    I'm on the phone with Sprint, and they indeed just offered me the Airave, to arrive on Tuesday, initial fee of $116 to be credited on the same bill and monthly fee of $4.99 also waived for two years.

    Thanks for the tip!!
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    Are all of you that got the airave free new customers? I tried ths same thing and they told me to take a hike and cancel....they said I'm too new!!
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    Thanks Eko. Worked perfectly. Mine should be arriving next week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikejaret View Post
    Are all of you that got the airave free new customers? I tried ths same thing and they told me to take a hike and cancel....they said I'm too new!!
    Hmm, IMO, they should cater to new customers. I dropped ATT for the Pre and am considering going back b/c the signal in my home is weak. If Sprint doesn't want to help out, I'll just leave.

    Besides, I was an 8 yr loyal Sprint customer until I tried out ATT 2yrs ago. I'll be sure to remind them I'm back when I speak to retentions.
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    finally got the Airave up and running after this morning... no more dropped calls - this thing is amazing! kudos to sprint acct services for hooking it up
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    i think your attitude matters with this.

    cant call and ask about getting it free.

    just tell them hey i cant get signal and i used to with att, id hate to cancel due to this.

    theyll mention airave and you should act surprised they charge for it

    thats how i did it
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    Very true what Simon says, you can't just ask.
    I politely told him I just renewed my contract for the Pre (claimed I had signal issues before and was hoping the Pre would fix that ) and that both a store rep and a chat agent advised for the Airave and due to my signal issues, I may get it for free.

    Just be sure to call the # posted earlier, press zero and ask to speak to someone about cancelling -that should get you to their retentions dept.
    Now just go and work your magic.
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    Talking to CSR to get stuff like this done is kinda like an art... you need to know how to execute the whole thing.
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    The sad thing is how much the airave is needed. Coming from att, I can't believe how awful sprint is. I knew the lack of low frequency spectrum was a problem, but the real world impact is pretty amaxing. My wife an I went to the movies tonight and before the previews started, she texted the sitter from her ihone and checked her email, but my pre was useless - no service at all.

    A pre on att would be so much better.
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    You can't just make blanket statements based on anecdotal evidence.
    Besides inside certain parts of our house, we get great coverage and 3G speeds.

    On the downside, many friends (a few with iPhones) can't stop their complaints on AT&T's service and **** poor speeds. Not a single one hasn't mentioned they're considering switching.

    But that's just what I see around me. I'm sure AT&T kicks alls sorts of *** somewhere else.
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    How much is the Airwave anyway if not given for free?
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