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    lol despite what many of you have said about it being the pre, and NOT ur carrier, im on bell ( in canada of course) and have NEVER had a dropped call, at work ( i work at big blue store, made of all metal) its like a cell phone signal blocker, my friends on bell, and even rogers wind up dropping calls and lose signal all together, even in our freezers i still get 3+ bars of signal, so tell me again its not your carriers, and its the oh so awesome pre...
    i sit here in my basement typing this looking at 5 full bars, nowhere near any windows
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    I am gonna try to get one. I have had an account with Sprint for a little more than a year and before that i was on my fathers sprint account for more than five years. i have always been pretty happy with sprint and their customer service has always been helpful especially when i fall behind on my bill, but i have three lines with them two of which are smart phones with the data pack. and i cannot make a call in my apt. without dropping it. The problem is so bad that i have gotten magic jack so I can make and recieve calls while at home. My sprint bill is close to 200 dollars per month, at that price i should be able to rely on my cell phones at home. Not to mention, with my cell bill so high getting a home phone through a typical provider, on my budget, is out of the question. i hope they give me the airave and waive all the fees because the lack of service in my house coupled with the pre 2 being released on verizon first my really cause my to abandon sprint all together, i will rack up a bill nice and high and never pay it. I'll get verizon before sprint goes to collections, sure it will be a hit on my credit but my credit is ****** anyway. The whole point is probably moot anyway because sprint's customer service has always done what they can to fix problems, i have never called them and hung up without having my problem completely resolved. Oh yeah, MagicJack is awesome. it is 20 dollars/year and the one time i had a problem they spent 2 hours with me via live chat (which i didnt even wait a minute for) fixing the problem which turned out to be an error on my part. Great product, Great price, and Great customer service, i couldn't ask for anything more. I wish i could get a MagicJack app for my pre then i wouldnt need to worry about an airave.
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