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    So we were at the Sprint store.
    We brought our BBuy bought Rocketfish case with us.
    We had the Sprint tech place the back part on the touchstone magnetic back.
    Place it on the charger.
    He tried, but got no charging indication.
    Kindof odd, cuz other inductive charging techniques dont need metal conductivity, nor do they need to be so close in proximity.
    Anyway, this was our experience.

    Anyone find that their case works with the touchstone?
    Anyone try those body armour/invisible shields, and find out they do or do not work with touchstone?

    Tks for any input.
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    Sprint rep told me there is a special back for should have recieved it with stone
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    Touchstone includes a different back with magnets inside it.
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    I was wondering if this works or not too. Does anyone have the magnetic back with matte finish AND a phone covering? Does this combo work with the touchstone?
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    ur kidding me right? If the rep didn't know to switch the back he should be fired!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Solid_MTB View Post
    ur kidding me right? If the rep didn't know to switch the back he should be fired!
    lol and this surpirses you? No one at best buy know's anything about what they sell.
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    I have the Rocketfish clear case (without the clip) and the Touchstone, and they do work together. The magnet may not be as strong, and the charge may not be as fast, but I have really not tested either; I just know it works for me.

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