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    I have noticed that when my pre is engaged to the touchstone charger that I get random alerts. These have awakened me from sleep 3 out of the past 4 nights. The alert is the same alert that sounds when the pre is first engaged into the touchstone. They occur seemingly randomly, although once they start, they seem to come frequently. This has happened to me with no open cards, and in a freshly reset condition (which I tend to do prior to going to bed). The phone 'wakes up' (i.e. not the clock screen that displays when the phone is in the touchstone), and the alert simply says the phone is charging.
    This is very disturbing (I do not appreciate being awakened randomly) and may force me to abandon the touchstone - which I otherwise really like.
    (Another annoyance is the inability to turn of the backlight while in the touchstone - even the dimmed screen is way to bright for me on my nightstand).

    Anyone else with this same problem?
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    I started getting the same thing last night. In my case, it seemed to be that for some reason charging had become erratic -- it would be charging, then stop, then start again -- sometimes every few seconds. Each time it started again, it signaled with a ringtone.

    Prior to that, the Touchstone had worked fine since I got the Pre on opening day. I took it on a trip this week -- it was fine in a Boston hotel, but started acting up my first night back home. Maybe it doesn't like travel?

    It has to be a charging issue, because my Pre, after all night on the Touchstone, showed only 26% charge this a.m. -- it had lost power overnight. But it does seem to be charging now, so I'm hoping it was just a temporary glitch.
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    Guys, I've been posting about this for a while: Check out my thread I made. There's also links in it to the Palm forum where many other people are experiencing the same issue:

    Currently no one has been able to figure out what is going wrong, one person has said the problem disappeared when he got his touchstone replaced.
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    I have this same issue too - it's maddening! It doesn't always happen, just most of the time so I'm trying to see if there is some sort of pattern involved

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