been playing around with all the chargers and have decided, when at home, the travel charger works good for me. When at work, I have just been plugging in the USB cable to the computer. However on the road I have found the car charger is very uncomfortable since it plugs into the side, makes it hard to deal with the phone while driving and forces me to put the pre in and awkward place (the cable in the side don't bother me as much on my desk at work)

BUT since I have an AC outlet in the dash of my Toyota, the touchstone works great. Don't have to fumble around to find the end of the car charger, mess with getting the usb cable in rightside up or worrying about the charger working its way loose from the cig lighter socket which happens a lot for some reason and the phone is easy to grab and see sitting on the seat next to me.

ALSO, how difficult would it be for the car charger to have some sort of marking to be able to tell which side is up???? I have put a little sticker on mine so not a major deal but, for goodness sakes, how hard is that for the OEM to make the product easy to use?