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    OK went on a trek to get a case for my new baby

    First Sprint store did not have any of the Palm-brand cases but had a black leather case from Kuessel. Its a horizontal holster with magnetic flap. This case was not designed for the pre specifically but it fits it very well. has the cut-out on the bottom to help you get the pre out of the case. Has loops you can thread your belt through and also a removable clip. With the clip off, it fits fine in my pocket although it is a bit bulkier than some other cases i have seen. Very nice quality but I hated the white stitching it uses.

    Next stop was BB that had the Palm cases but they were sealed up so couldn't play with them. Could play with the Rocketfish clear hard case and it looked like a good buy so bought it. Big plus is that the pre can fit in the Kuessel case WITH the Rocketfish clear hard case on.

    Next stop second sprint store. They had the leather Palm case and a palm neoprene case, they had just pulled off the clear holster cases off the shelf because of the recall.

    The Palm leather case was nice but could not handle the Rocketcase. I did NOT like the "ejection strap" on the thing. Way too dangerous IMO for the pre.

    The small neoprene case was built well but I did not like its looks as well for me. Appears to be a "woman's case" both in looks and with what I think is a ring to hook onto purses. Got to play with the hard holster case and it was a POS. Looked like something you would get out of a gum machine for a quater. No way it would hold up prevent your pre from falling out randomly.

    So, after all of that I decided to keep the Kruessel case. The only thing I didn't like about it was the white stitching and a few mins with a black sharpie took care of that. Now the thing looks great.

    I wound up taking back the Rocketfish hard case however. Although it snapped on very easisly and offers good protection I had the following problems:

    -Could not use touchstone
    -made sliding a bit harder
    -makes turning on power button harder
    -could not open up the pre with rocketfish on when the usb door on the pre was off for charging.
    -worried about heat build up. When the pre gets hot it is on the lower part of the back and the Rocketfish had no vents there at all so would really build up the heat
    -Taking it off is a real bear. Not that you would a lot if you dont use a touchstone but it takes a lot of prying and twisting that concerned me. Afraid of putting too much pressure and tourqe on the slider.

    So took it back, BUT if you are not a touchstone person, have no heat issues and never plan on taking the thing off, this may be a good choice. Also you can combine it with the Kruessel case if you want a holster as well.
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