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    wtf?! i just picked up a touchstone yesterday. Today, the phone is making a very low, high pitched sound while on the touchstone... help!
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    I have not seen any posts regarding this "feature"
    Maybe make sure the TouchStone battery cover is in place all the way.
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    i also have a beeping sound when it charges...every couple of seconds it'll make a beep...i guess that means its charging but man is it annoying..
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    Mine does it too. It's not the charging notification. It's a quiet, high pitched buzzing. I don't know if this is common or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AtomicAgeZombie View Post
    Mine does it too. It's not the charging notification. It's a quiet, high pitched buzzing. I don't know if this is common or not.
    Bingo. What is that?!
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    i just noticed today that mine does this too...
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    Are you charging with your touchstone in the car ?
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    I don't have this noise in home, car or office.
    If the Touchstone gets hot, it will do the on/off charge.
    Let it cool down and it is good to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yankees368 View Post
    Bingo. What is that?!
    I have it too--it's nothing to be worried about. I can barely hear it. I believe it's just the coils attracting and repelling each other in rapid succession. It's similar to transformer "hum," only it's at a higher frequency. If it started to become louder, I might get concerned, but until then, no worries.
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    I'm pretty sure it's not a heating issue. Probably the coils or something like that as previous poster had noted.

    I say not a heating issue because after hearing the whine (also with some crackling), I adjusted the positioning and it disappeared. I'm not sure why it emerges sometimes randomly after my Pre has seemingly not moved at all.

    In any event, this comes and goes for me.
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    bump, anyone figure this problem out or having this problem? Thinking about taking my touchstone back, this sound annoys the heck out of doesn't always happen though.
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    got my pre and touchstone y'day and noticed it too. i moved the pre around on the touchstone and BAM! it stopped!
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    Same problem here. Has anyone figured out if this is a (1) base issue, (2) cover issue, (3) battery issue or (4) Pre issue?
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    Personally, the only time I've ever heard a high pitched buzzing from my Touchstone is when it wasn't centered properly. Every other time it's been entirely silent.
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    I get it now and then. It goes away when I reposition the phone on the touchstone

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