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    OK folks, I love my Pre, but I'm officially pissed. I bought a Touchstone first day, and have yet to get it to charge my phone. Clearly the Pre-supplied micro USB cable doesn't work, so I bought a Palm Travel cable and SPE retractable from here, and neither of these works, nor does the (only) one that Office Max had available. C'mon, this is silly, I'm not buying another cable I don't *know* will work! The SPE cable clicks in nicely like it's going to work, but the Pre doesn't charge...

    So, how 'bout it, folks want to post their success stories??

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    I have the touchstone and it works with the charger and USB cable that palm gave you with the Pre. It doesn't work with the USB cable plugged into the computer. The box tells you that up front. Try in a regular outlet or take it back to your local store, because either you have a lemon are you aren't using it right. The store will test it for you and you can return it or keep it.

    Also, you may want to return your Pre and wait for the rest of us Beta testers to work out the bugs so that all your purchases are perfect out of the box. My Touchstone is and I'm getting a second one for my desk at work so that I don't have to keep using the USB port to keep it charged.
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    You definitely need a wall charger to power the touchstone. Kind of a bummer but I made the Sprint guy open the package to make sure.

    They were out of palm pre chargers so I ended up with PRX8841R "Micro-USB Travel Charger". cost me $27.99 with 20% off (normally $34.99). The package says it's compatible with LG LX-400, MOTORAZR, and Sanyo SCP-2500...

    The plug will not fit in the Touchstone base but if you compare the connector to your Palm Pre micro-USB cable that came with the phone you can modify it to fit. 10 minutes with a razor blade and it fits just fine. Could I have spent less that $28 on a charger if I ordered online, sure...but that was all they had in the store that day.
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    MY Palm Treo 800 wall charger seems to work with the TouchStone, I have been using it for a couple of days without any noticeable issues or extra heat.
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    The Treo 800w USB cable with the original Palm wall adapter also works.

    The original cable with the Monoprice 1000mA adapter does not work (for the Touchstone). Also, the Monoprice cables do not fit the Touchstone (without filing).

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