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    Ooops meant to post this in the accessory forum, mods please move.

    Hey guys,

    My HBH-DS980 will not work well with my Pre at all. The music just goes in and out constantly every second. I tried the headset with my Pre and my girls and it does the same thing. I also paired my Moto S9 headset and it works perfect.

    Anyone have any ideas? I have tried to reset the headset, unpair, re-pair, and everything else I could try.
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    I'll look into it. I have a 970 and did have some issues, but I think my problem was Pandora. I found I like the buds that come with the Pre for most scenarios. They are designed to minimize the clutter and annoyance of wired headphones and deliver decent bass. No play/FF/RW controls though.
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    Yes, I am having the same problem with my HBH-DS980. Phone calls work great, but bluetooth stereo over the media player is extremely choppy. Any ideas?

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