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    Hey, I know that everyone is talking about different screen protectors. I usually am a huge InvisiShield guy, but they made it for the entire front of the phone, including little tabs that wrap around the sides. I tried 3 of these things and just cannot get the the tabs to stay down or not bubble out. It's really annoying and am too much of a perfectionist to keep it on there.

    With that, does anyone know if there is a Screen protector out there for the Palm that only covers the face and doesn't try to cover the sides? Once again, just a basic protector that isn't a custom one that you have to cut.

    Any help here is greatly appreciated.
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    It looks like the one on Seidio is just a "top" mount. I actually think the wrap would be better since a top mount is going to have a "lip" that you will hit since the screen is flush.
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    You can find generic screen protectors where you can cut out yourself. However I would try Best Skins Ever, their tabs face downwards instead of sideways like InvisiShield which makes it a lot easier to install. Pretty much gravity does the work, I made a mini review on the screen protector with pics, it was really easy to install. You can find the thread in the Accessories section.

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