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    I use the Palm one too.. it's Very nice.
    It's such a nice, snug fit that even if the magnets don't hold and it flops open, the pre won't come out.

    I dropped my previous phone SO many times because it popped open and slipped out.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    I picked one up tonight. I like it alot. Nice snug fit and I can hear it ring just fine.
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    I have one complaint about that side case, and that is the nylon stitching that secures the belt clip. The issue is that it's slightly sharp and I'm afraid that it will scratch the screen. Is my case defective or is this how it's supposed to be?

    Input would be great.
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    i bought one of these with my pre the day the came out, i returned it b/c the pull strap became too annoying, kept getting caught up under the pre when i tried to put the pre back in and i felt i was putting too much stress on the phone trying to get it out without the strap. igot a Case Logic one like it for Slim phones and it is GREAT, and 50% cheeper
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