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    So annoying... I'm having nothing but problems with my Jawbones lately, several different phones, all new Jawbones.
    Lee Ladisky
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    my jawbone didnt ask for a pairing code either, i've had no problems whatsoever using my bluetooth with my pre. I love how you can toggle between bluetooth, normal ph speaker and audio speaker at the touch of your finger!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gbobman View Post
    I had noticed that it was showing (now visible) during the pairing process. Mind you I don't know for certain, but this seems like that part of the security is automatic.

    I do like that it automates things for you (like pairing) but I wish there was a bit more feedback/confirmability.

    BTW, I have the Jawbone 2 as well. $50 on woot was amazing!
    My Jawbone from WOOT didn't work.
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