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    So theres Zagg, and I've seen bestskins or something similar. What is the best clear skin for my phone? i've been keeping it in the pouch Palm gave me which I love but I know sooner or later somethings going to happen and I want to protect my pretty little Pre.

    Does anyone have experience with these? and can anyone suggest a few?

    ohh and are there any for the Keyboard as well?
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    I ordered the Zagg Invisible Shield, should be here today, hopefully. I have it on my iPod and it is very tough, lives up to all the hype on the site.
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    I had the BSE on my Instinct - glad to report that to this day 1 year later...great's protecting a girl with long finger nails and hard pressing from scratching the phone.
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    Yesterday, I ordered the Bodyguardz one. Reviews on other devices looked real positive, so I went with it. I hope the reviews weren't lying.
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    Are there any good film protectors available in stores?
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    I read that the Zagg protectors are also sold at Best Buy. Although I am not sure if they have it for the Pre yet.
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    I think Best Buy sells Zaggs. Employees at best buy get the product for $5. My buddy says they haven't arrived yet to his store but as soon as they do he is going to get me a few.
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    Nice...i'll keep an eye out for them
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    I applied ghost armor protection. Besides the comfort from worrying about scratches, the grip is great. My pre stays cleaner from fingerprints and feels more secure in my hand. Before the oil from my fingers really made the device slippery and I worried about dropping it. As for the screen remaining responsive, I have noticed no difference AT ALL after application. Highly recommend this product.
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    I like the BSE price tag. Do you think it compares to Zagg and Ghostarmor?
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    had Zagg on my centro so it was a given i was getting it for the pre. it arrived yesterday and is only two pieces (the centro one was like 17 or something). i figured hey, fewer pieces, this will be a piece of cake.


    an hour or so later it was on there and today is solid as a rock. love them and swear by them. but DAMN is it a pain in the *** to get on there.
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    Do you guys really need to leave the phone off for 24-48 hours like the instructions say? That seems like a really long time to have my phone off.
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    Just ordered my Zagg. As a hint, if you google "Zagg Coupons" you should find one that works

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