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    will NOT charge nor will it stay attached to TS base.
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    i bought the rocketfish black case from best buy... i also installed the bodyguardz full protection and was able to snap the rocketfish case over it... it is a really tight squeeze but it worked and will protect my phone from being dropped with the case and the bodyguardz will protect if the case comes off if i drop the phone and will also protect from scratches on the phone from the case contact. it's a win win situation for me!

    ohhh and the touchstone charger does NOT work through a hard shell case... i ended up taking the charger back.. more of a luxury than anything to me.
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    I got the new hard case that Sprint has available this weekend and, I must say, I like it A LOT. The cost was $30, which isn't cheap, but I think it's worth it. It comes with one back piece (black plastic, with a circle indentation for the Touchstone), and two front pieces (red or chrome, take your choice).

    Snapping both pieces on gives the phone a feeling of solidity it was sorely lacking before, though it also adds some size (minimal as possible though). No more oreo twist. The only other negative is that if you're plugged into a charger, you can't slide open/closed. I'm guessing all hard cases have that issue though.
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    I am still looking for good input on a Pre case. I've had three and none have been ideal.

    The first was the Rocketfish. It was probably the best, although the touchstone worked poorly and you really had to finesse positioning it. Unlike others, the touchstone is an essential for me, as i need to charge at least once a day. It got hot too. This case lasted 3 months with no drops before enough clips broke, just from ordinary open/closes, to render it useless.

    The Seikedo (sp?) was next, and it worked better with the touchstone but lasted 1 week with one drop. It lost enough clips to also be useless. It was quite expensive even from Amazon, so that bombed out too.

    The third was a $4 cheapy from E-Bay. Not only did the back piece not fit, but when it dangled on, it had the worst touchstone performance.

    So now, I am operating with a $4 cheapy from China - frontplate only. Heat is great, Touchstone is great, it's lasted for several weeks now with no drops, and the clips are still perfect. Only problem is, 50-50 chance of damaging the phone if I drop it, as the back is now unprotected. The way I figure it is there are so many touchstone backplates on EBay, that I'll take that chance.

    Still, I'd love to hear something that really works.

    One note - it seems that the cases with the bump in the back for attaching a belt clip (who the heck would want those?) are the worst with Touchstones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sudoer View Post
    Have you ever seen those "hole saws" used for drilling out doors for the doorknob, etc.?
    That would work. It's the corners you need to worry about. Any packaging expert will tell you that. Drop a cube a thousand times onto a flat surface and it will strike a corner on impact 999.999+ times.

    The ideal case would protect the corners from shock as well as scrape. Then it will protect any of the 8 edges and 6 faces that bulge out with a film for scrapes. The rest would be protection from dust, fluids, etc - something todays cases do not do anyway.

    The Palm Pre is not a perfect cube of course, but the premise still holds. The face is recessed and usually has a skin anyway. The back bulges a bit, but with enough wrap around the corner, you have a one in 360 chance of getting a tiny scrape on the middle of the back of the case. Seems a modest and manageable risk.

    Also, Palm should have designed slots on the inner faces of the slider halves to accommodate better case clips, but I guess they forgot that. Maybe if we all spoke to them...
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    I've been waiting for the Otterbox Pre case to be available. It's status has been "coming soon" for quite some time. My phone inquiry response was "we don't know". I'd really like to get a hard shell case but it seems current offerings all have their shortcomings. The factory screen protector is all I have been using so far but it is starting to look a little ragged. I hope Otterbox will release soon.
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    I gave up on the Seidio case (my second replacement lost a couple of tabs after a few weeks). Now I'm using the back plate from the Verizon hard case (works much better with the touchstone), and the red front piece from the Sprint case, which previously I'd painted black. It's not the prettiest case, but it works well.
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    Bodyglove is by far the best & i've used all the cases mentioned above but I gave siedio at least four chances
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    I rock a cheap case from Amazon (probably the same "Made in China" joint found on eBay). When I say cheap, I mean I got a wall charger, car charger, invisible shield (junk!), AND the rubberized hard case (similar to Seido), all for about $5+ shipping. I checked it against my cuz's Seido, and it was almost identical in composition.
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