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    Is there anyway to get the phone to stay off when it's on the touchstone? Does it really matter if the screen is on but dim the entire time? Do I have to worry about screen burn in like the old monitors?
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    I would definitely like to know how to turn off the screen too!
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    I've seen a lot of folks complaining about this (including myself). Doesn't seem to be any way to turn it off. Hopefully after an update there will be.

    There are other times I'd like to keep the screen on, like when I'm using google maps in the car with the charger plugged in but there doesn't seem to be any way to overide the sleeper.

    They just need another option in the settings for 'always on' and it should obey the setting when on the touchstone too.
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    Mine Pre turns off (Airplane Mode) fine on the Touchstone.

    Now the screen is another matter. I'm afraid of burn in.

    During the day I charge from the Touchstone, when I'm in and out.

    At night, I leave the phone on the Touchstone, but plug the USB in the side of the phone so the screen is off.
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