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    I need a good vehicle mount option for my Pre, and while the Touchstone options that are being put together are nice, I refuse to pay the ridiculous price just to charge my phone.
    Seeing as the micro USB port is right in the middle of the side, it makes many of the universal vehicle mounts unusable, as you can't plug it in while in the cradle.

    While I am sure eventually there will be viable options out there, I want a feasible solution to begin using within the next week, as I have a road trip coming up.

    So what are your plans?
    What other options do we have out there?
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    I ended up getting this vent mount bracket that Best Buy had.

    My concern about the charging port was unwarranted, as I will for the most part always want the phone to be opened (keyboard extended) while in the cradle. When the phone is open the charge port is raised above the cradle arms, giving easy access to the charging port.

    What is nice about this cradle is the arms are adjustable up and down so you can be sure to avoid having them press against the volume buttons as well as block the chargin port.

    Be aware it is MUCH cheaper on Amazon, at <$8...I paid $20 at BB.
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    No offense, but that bracket you got from Best Buy looks hideous. Reminds me of mounts made of steel rods and clamps--unrefined.

    Enough of that.

    What Palm should come out with is a car-version of the Touchstone. A car-charger where you don't have to worry about opening up the Micro USB door (what a hassle). THAT, I would pay good money for!
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMethos View Post
    Wait until they release something if you want the best, IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smoresrock View Post
    No offense...
    None taken. This is definitely not the most elegant solution, but with a road trip coming up next week I needed something that would be functional so my arm doesn't get tired while driving for 6 hours and keeping an eye on the GPS.
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    Someone with some ties to cheap manufacturing in China has got to be in development of a car touchstone. A touchstone that charges a battery at the same time and a touchstone that has USB ports for other charging duties. I could even see a desk Touchstone that is a USB Hub plugged into the wall and the PC to sync and provide power for multiple devices. Come creative people.

    I need a dock for my rechargeables - Bluetooth mono, bluetooth stereo, Pre, Pre battery.

    I expect this by Christmas. Get to it.

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