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    I'm having the shield installed this weekend but i was concerned if i should or should'nt have this shield installed on the battery door that comes with the touchstone?
    I'm sure the door get HOT when on the touchstone and im not sure if this shield can handle the heat
    I don't really want to switch between battery doors whenever i have to charge it on the touchstone. Has anyone come across this? Should i call GadgetGuard about this or Palm?
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    I can say that Zagg stated that the Invisble shield will work on the Touchstone backing.
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    I would think that the heat would eventually loosen the adhesive. Why not just have the front of the device shielded? The back is matte anyway.
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    its works just fine with the touchstone. dont forget the same material is on plane leading edges and they sit in the sun out here and i haven't seen them peel away because of the heat. i would let it cure all the way though
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    I have an invisible shield and have no problem charging with the touchstone.

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