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    I love the touchstone and will be buying a 2nd one for my desk soon.
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    besides, isn't a slow charge better for the battery?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wlmoore View Post
    I hate to sound all New Agey Marketing-y but the Touchstone completes the "Pre experience" very nicely so to me it was worth it (I bought two).

    Objectively, it's just a charging dock so strictly in terms of features, function, and performance, obviously a plain USB cable is a much better value. The Touchstone's real value comes from its subjective appeal.
    1. Being wireless, it reinforces the Pre's wireless nature. Similarly I recommend buying a wireless headset. The whole package, without wires, is so clean.

    And let's not forget the revulsive nature of the Pre's USB door. The Touchstone "takes me away" from all that.
    I am with wlmoore on this. There's more to life than just functionality. I usually go for function over form, but there are exceptions.

    I'm an urbanite, and live in a small space. I am considering ditching my dinky little stereo for for a high quality bluetooth or wireless setup, and seeing having a little shelf somewhere near my front door with a Touchstone, and then using some kind of bluetooth or wireless speaker setup.

    Hey! My first post!
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    just bought a touchstone from the sprint store about 20 mins ago and brought it home to try it out. it is a lot easier to be able to just place it on the touchstone and it charges. rather then having to plug in the microUSB. and i love the matte backing gives you a little more grip while holding it.

    as for gimicky, it is, only if you dont have it placed correctly on the touchstone. but if its aligned up right it works just great.
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    At $70, it's gimmicky. At $50, one is OK. At $30, it's a useful accessory. At $15, it would revolutionize your Pre experience.

    One in the office, the car, 2-3 in the house, the boat, etc. Those battery issues just disappear and you can always grab it and go. Now that I have it (just one unfortunately), it's indispensable.
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    I agree, about $30 - $35 WITH a power cord would be a really good price point. I think they would sell multiples to people at that price! Still think they need to make a touchstone for the car that plugs directly into the cigarette light, similar to this.... ....but one that charges too.
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    It was over-priced but I really do enjoy the convenience of it. I can just walk by the desk and drop it on in seconds and my phone is charging.
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