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  • bodyguardz

    85 8.25%
  • Zagg Invisible Shield

    293 28.45%
  • Best Skins Ever

    77 7.48%
  • Ghost Armor

    42 4.08%
  • Phantom Skinz

    218 21.17%
  • Other

    164 15.92%
  • None

    151 14.66%
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    I installed phantomskinz onto my phone and it looks great. I cut the tabs before applying and put on an innocase. Best combo ever
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbluther View Post
    I like the Zagg Invisible Shield, but let me share my story.

    First I tried to put it on myself. It was "ok", but I wasn't too happy with it. The Zagg kiosk installed an I.S. on my iPod Touch before that looked much better. After a couple days a shadow appeared in the middle and on the right center of the screen. I suspected my Palm leather case, but was surprised that the I.S. wouldn't wash off.

    Took it into the Zagg guys and got a new one with the lifetime warranty no questions asked. When I asked them about the shadow, they asked if I used a case. They said the shield materiel is "porous" and that the material of the case can get embedded. Interesting answer. I paid to have them install the new shield (they didn't have time when I purchased the first one) and it looks MUCH better. Totally smooth and much harder to see.

    Now my dilemma is whether to keep my Palm case and possibly have it make the screen dirty again, or find another case, or perhaps my poor installation of the first protector was the culprit.
    I had the same issue. I installed a Best Skins Ever screen protector, and loved it. It was nearly invisible on my phone and left me feeling confident about the safety of my screen. But after a week or so of use with the Palm horizontal leather case that came with my Pre, the skin started to show a "dirty" spot in roughly the same shape as the pull-tab in the case. I panicked, thinking maybe it was screen damage. But, when I removed the skin due to another issue, the dirty spot came with it.

    Those pull tabs get touched by the users all the time to grab their phone, so they must collect a lot of dirt from the hands. It seems to get into the "pores" someone mentioned to you on the skins.
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    Invisible shield ftw
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    Zagg, made specifically for the pre. Best Buy will put it on for you for $8 with one free replacement if it gets mucked up. I had a small tear, brought it back today and it's perfect. Remember to inspect it well before you leave, if there are bubbles or creases make them re-do it. Make sure to keep the remnant so you can mail it back to Zagg for a replacement too.
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    I used the zagg shield. Modified it first leaving only the screen area covered so that I wouldn't run into problems with inno II surface case. works great.
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    the lady at BestBuy tried to sell me one when i bought my pre...I declined.
    I have been without a shield for all three of the pres I have had and my screen is just fine. finger prints here and there, but that's expected. I think the shields are a waste of money. I'm glad I didn't buy one.
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    Phantom Skins kicks ****!!!! Super clear and smooth.
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    I had the bodyguardz for a week, no finger marks or scratches. And I tried to scratch with keys to show my friends how good it was. But I didn't do a good job putting it on, so when I was at best buy they said they could install the Invisible Shield for me. They did a much better job putting them on than I did, but I get finger marks now and I don't dare try the key test.
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    I've had Zagg on my iphone and it was good. This time I tried Phantom Skinz on the Pre and I have to say I'm very impressed with it. The hype is real but you need patience when installing it. It took me a good half an hour or more to get it right.

    I keep mine in my pocket and it's constantly being taken in and out and so far after 3 weeks or so, it seems like new still. No peeling, no wear and tear and no bubbles. There is a very slight orange peel texture when looking at it from an angle but it can't be felt nor does it interfere in any way when viewing the screen.
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    Does the palm really need a screen protector? I figure if you aren't rubbing it on your keys all day, its probably gonna be ok. Isn't the screen pretty sturdy anyways?
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    Agreed - take your time putting it on. Phantom Skinz looks good - takes a couple of days, even if you are very careful, for the filmy stuff to disappear. now mine doesn't feel like a slipper bar of soap.
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    I just put on the BestSkinsEver screen protector for the front and back of my pre last night. It really looks great. I love the extra grip it gives you and for a minimal price.

    Even if you have to get your pre replaced (im on my 3rd pre) at the moment. It wont hurt to spend $8 or so to protect it.
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    Just ordered a front-only screen from phantomskinz... Dropped my Pre behind the bed between the wall and the bed last night, and it has two pretty small scratches on the screen now (I think from being dragged against the wall when I pulled it up from behind there). Hope I'm happy!
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    Ive had the zagg sheild on my omnia for a year now, and the front, back, and right side are still in perfect shape, the left side my daughter pulled off, there is a bit of dirt under the corners though..

    but I keep it in my pocket with no case all the time, I throw it in the cup holder in my truck every day, dropped it, and still NO damage to the phone. Just orderd one today for my pre.
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    I don't see the point in spending money for a protector, which strikes me as unnecessary anwyay. I wipe the screen periodically, and keep it in the black/orange pouch that came with the device. It's fine.
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    I've had my Pre since the week after release (no oreo issues!) and I have not used a protector on it, until today. over the past couple of weeks, I've noticed a couple of small scratches that I assume came from dropping my phone onto the floor of my car.

    After reading up and seeing some side-by-side photos, I went with the Phantom Skinz. The installation took about 15 minutes. I used a Styrofoam plate and filled it with water- no soap. I was able to get everything aligned easily and followed the easy step-by-step instructions. Once the portion over the screen dried, I pressed the tabs into place.

    I'm writing this after about 4 hours and it appears that everything is kosher. No bubbles and the surface is very surface is very smooth. I can see a little orange peel effect if I look very hard, but do not notice it at all in normal use. One side benefit is that I can't see the tiny scratches anymore at all. Overall, I give the process and results an A-, with the minus for the slight orange-peel effect.
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    All of the positive reviews in this thread lead me to ordering a Phantom Skinz screen protector. Thanks everyone!
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    Anybody know of anyplace near Ann Arbor, MI that has a kiosk where I can have one installed? I can't install crap like this without bubbles for the life of me and want to get a protector installed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Good_Apollo View Post
    Anybody know of anyplace near Ann Arbor, MI that has a kiosk where I can have one installed? I can't install crap like this without bubbles for the life of me and want to get a protector installed.
    Did you check out Zagg's website? They have a listing of every official Invisible Shield retailer and which ones install it for you. Unfortunately there are not that many places and in San Diego we don't have a single one. Also some people mentioned that some Best Buys will do it for about 8 bucks.
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    A fragile piece of my innocase snapped off when I dropped my pre. I then decided to just keep the touchstone back and try out the phantom skinz.

    I tried the Seidio screen protector but it didn't fair well although it was easy to put on.

    As for the Phantom Skinz - its great. Looks great, was fairly easy to apply (20 mins + 45-60mins of letting it "dry"). Highly rec the Phantom Skinz front and Touchstone back combo.
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