View Poll Results: Which screen protector do you recommend for the Pre?

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  • bodyguardz

    85 8.25%
  • Zagg Invisible Shield

    293 28.45%
  • Best Skins Ever

    77 7.48%
  • Ghost Armor

    42 4.08%
  • Phantom Skinz

    218 21.17%
  • Other

    164 15.92%
  • None

    151 14.66%
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    Quote Originally Posted by shibumi View Post
    I just posted my vote for Bodyguardz. I ordered mine on Monday and they were here Wednesday (looks like they shipped from UT - I'm in FL..) - and it was free shipping.

    I'm kind of surprised to see that Invisible Shield is winning in the poll. Their skins are fine, but they are way over-priced in my opinion. I believe $25 for ONE skin.

    Bodyguardz was $14 for TWO skins in the one package. PLUS, the little squirt bottle of solution they send you - it unscrews for you to add more water to (they explain on their site that there's enough baby shampoo residue in there for 2 refills). I thought that was a nice touch after running out when I first tried Invisible Shield.

    Bodyguardz also seemed to have a (how to explain) "smoother / clearer" skin than Zagg or BSE. Granted the Zagg and BSE skins look fine once the device is on, they always have that "cloudy" look when off.

    BSE - BestSkinsEver would be my second choice. They seem to sell the same exact thing as Zagg, but for a 1/3 (or less) of the price. $7 and $4 when on special. I bought skins from them for our Instincts and for my Nano. They also had GREAT customer service when I ran into an issue before. I was actually going to order from them but they were a couple days late to the game on the Pre. I saw another post here about Bodyguardz - and their "clearer" skin and thought I'd try them out. So far I'm very happy with them.

    Side note on Bodyguardz... I too suck at applying these things and had to peel up and reapply the skin.. what - 3 or 4 times!! Even though they tell you NOT to remove the skin after 10 mins, I figured "i have an extra one already in the box, so I'll give it a shot" - carefully peeled it off - kept it wet - reapplied and (finally) got it on there smooth and with no issues.

    Very happy... Bodyguardz because you get the squirt bottle and two skins... BSE if you're good at putting these on and only need the one - for the best possible price.

    (maybe next new device I'll try Phantom lol)

    Couldn't have said it better myself....I have no idea how Invisible Shield is ranked so high when their product is 3 times the price of BSE and their customer service is nowhere near as good as BSE's....
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    I got an IS specifically so i wouldn't have to baby it (i mean watch the videos on their site)

    But it is easily scratched. just running my fingernail on it scratches the shield, pretty disappointed. And lint from my pockets get stuck on the IS edges so it looks dirty

    I guess it's better to scratch the IS and get a new/different one later than to scratch the phone's screen.
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    You know I 'used" to be a HUGE lover of BSE, but I just got Phantoms? wow, very very smooth.

    Looks like no going back
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    I think for availability, IS is easiest as they got Best Buy as well as their mall kiosks for distribution. That would be my guess to why they're at the top.

    In my experience, I really like the Phantom Skinz that I have on there now. Had BSE, thought it was a breeze to install and looke pretty good, but after a week or so the orange peel started getting to me. The PS is just right for what I like to see on the phone.
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    What about the Rocketfish gun metal?
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    I ordered a PhantomSkinz, screen only, protector this morning then went to Radio shack to see if they had anything in yet for the Pre. I walked out of there with a 3 pack of Xentris screen protectors for $9.99.
    I am very pleased with them! They are extremely easy to put on (I suck at installing these usually) and are protection for the screen only, not the whole front face,ie; no earpiece or home button cutouts.
    These were just going to be my temporary and backup protectors for the PhantomSkinz but it will be staying on the phone for a while.
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    I got the Clear-coat shield from ebay and just finished installing. There is a slight orange peel look to it, but the swiping and use of screen is not affected at all. I am disappointed that the shield does not cover ANY of the corners though. I ordered 2, one for me and one for my hubby. But now after reading all these posts, I think I may return the 2nd one and go with the BSE or Bodyguardz instead since they are cheaper. There is a lifetime warranty on the Clear-coat (you have to pay $3.95 shipping), so at least I can get it replaced if needed. Of course, I figure a good shield doesn't really require replacing with regular use and people tend to change their phones every couple of years anyway, so is it really worth it to pay more to get a warranty? :/ I am planning to get the Seidio Innocase for added protection too, looks sweet.
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    Phantom Skinz FTW
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    are any of the screens decent?
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    Quote Originally Posted by schnoid View Post
    Thanks shibumi for all the info!! I'm still leaning towards bodyguardz. Pre school, where'd you get it professionally installed?! I've been looking around for that. I thought invisible shield was the only ones that would do it for u if u could find a kiosk that sells 'em.
    I got my ZAGG IS installed at my local Best Buy for $8. The guy who did it said if I was unhappy with how it cured, I could go back and they would redo it and replace my IS for free!

    Positive Stuff

    It looked really streaky at first, but the bubbles were small and not too bad. Today (5 days after install) there are two tiny and one small bubbles left, but none on the screen. The screen is not cloudy at all when off or on. And I have ZERO issues with touchscreen or proximity sensor. All work the same as they did before.


    I would be 100% happy with it, expect for the last three bubbles (which I still hope will go away in the next couple days--I've heard it can take up to a week)--but the thing I like least is the corners.

    It's installed well, I think, but the way the sheild is cut to fit the soft rounded corners of the Pre creates some necessary seam-age. It feels like a seam instead of the soft smooth corners they are. That kind of sucks.

    Still, I would rather deal with that than have a scratched or cracked screen.

    Is this different with diff shields?
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    i got a zagg and it looks pretty sweet
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    my zagg is VERY diy-cut and works great. i need to update to a pre-cut one that doesn't have such badly done edges, but i have to say, zero screen scratches and the back/sides are pretty well protected with the zagg as it seems to form fit the sides better than other ones i have seen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MontanaXVI View Post
    I had the original plastic on mine that came with the phone and it managed to last about a week or so until the little tab at the top got snagged on something and got some dust under it so I peeled it off.

    I have been looking around here though and it seems that the Zagg I looked at may be nice but there are many other options out there I need to look into.
    Quote Originally Posted by Candles View Post
    I cut the little tab off of the factory screen protector that came on the Pre and I still use that. Works fine and does not mess up swiping at all.
    I'm also using the factory screen protector with the little tab cut off.

    After about a week it "jammed" when I put it into its soft case, and the protector peeled mostly off and got bits of dust and crud on about the top half of it. I was able to every-so-gently remove them with scotch tape, and now it looks perfect. (rest the pre on my desk, lift the protector 1/2 way off with one hand, and apply tape with other.)

    Just thought I'd share, as it worked a lot better than I'd expected it to.
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    I was lazy so I got the Boxwave Cleartouch crystal. No hassle with putting it on and it covers the area I'm concerned about.
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    I had to exchange my pre because it had the oreo effect. I had a phantom skinz on it. I was going to buy another one, but I sent them an email telling them the truth about how I had to exchange out my phone. I also told them how much I liked their product and how I tell everyone else about it also.

    I get an email back saying how I have to send in the old ones back in order to get a new set. Then the next sentence said that since I am such a great customer they will send me another set of 2 tomorrow. Just received it like he said, and now I am waiting for my exchange phone to arrive.
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    Where can I get a zagg shield/phantom shield from?
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    Well, I tried the Zagg product but didn't like the results or the feel of the product on the pre. So, I read here and other places as well. Then I saw the video for installing the clear coat product (www clear-coat dot com). This product went on to the pre great, just like the video tutorial they show. The result is bubble free and the corners go down great.

    I like the feel of this product on my pre. I just put it on about an hour ago but it is crystal clear and much smoother than the Zagg. I haven't put the clear coat on the back of the pre yet so I don't know about touchstone compatibility but I really like this product.
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    Since I originally created this thread and poll, i figured it would be appropriate for me to report my final decision and experience...

    Drum roll please... my final decision was Zagg's Invisible Shield. This final decision was not easy, but after leaning towards Bodyguardz, I decided that even if it was moderately better than IS, it would be very likely that I'd screw up the installation of it and it would end up looking crappy anyways. IS was significantly more expensive than most of the options, and had quite a few quality control issues it seems, but I couldn't find any other stores that would install other screen protectors.

    Here in San Diego, there were absolutely NO places that would do the installation. Yes, ZERO. I went to the website, and there was a place in temecula, Irvine, and many other places in CA, but not San Diego. It was a huge bummer, but I go to OC every so often, so I decided to try out the place in Irvine. The store that sells IS and installs it is called Fusion of Ideas, and it's conveniently located DIRECTLY across from the apple store. Obviously most of their business is iphone related, but they had no issues with doing it on my Pre. I was really torn on getting it done there, cause they charged over $30 for just the front! Technically it was $20+ tax for the protector ($5 more than online) and charged about $8 for the installation. I still can't believe I paid so much for a screen protector, but in the end, it seems like it was worth it.

    When I had them install it, it took about 30 minutes, they didn't have a front only screen protector, but they were willing to break up a full body for me since I didn't want to cover my touchstone back. They told me I couldn't put it in my pocket or case for 2 days, and I followed their advice. In the end it looked insanely amazing, but there were these weird vertical rainbow lines going down the screen when you looked at it in the right light. After reading online, this seemed to be a common problem with the IS, so I figured I'd just live with it for awhile. Went a week with it on and then had a problem with my phone and had to exchange it (i discussed this in other threads). Got a new phone, took off the IS and stuck it on a piece of paper, and a few weeks later. I went back to the store because they said the IS has an unlimited warranty and the installation had a 30 day warranty. True to their word, they did a completely new install ABSOLUTELY FREE. At first they asked me if i took it off cause it was a manufacturer defect, and I said yes, and they said they'd have to charge for installation, but after I explained the problem I had with the vertical lines on the last one, they quickly offered to do it for free. Its been just over a couple days now, and the installation looks absolutely flawless. Those guys really know what they're doing, and though $30 may have been a bit much, I'm very glad I paid the premium for it. It's also nice to know that I have the unlimited warranty from IS and worst case I may have to pay 8 bucks to install a new one if it gets jacked up.

    Thanks everyone for all your suggestions and information and I'll definitely try to post pics as soon as I take them.

    EDIT: I also want to mention that I have very little experience to talk about with the feel of the IS, but its seems reasonably ok. Its definitely a tad stickier than the original protector that the phone came with, but it doesn't bother me. I'm sure the more I use it, the more I'll get used to it.
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    Anybody have any experience with Brando Screen protectors? I'm currently using IS right now. I want to get the Seidio innocase but unfortunately the IS is not compatible.
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