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  • bodyguardz

    85 8.25%
  • Zagg Invisible Shield

    293 28.45%
  • Best Skins Ever

    77 7.48%
  • Ghost Armor

    42 4.08%
  • Phantom Skinz

    218 21.17%
  • Other

    164 15.92%
  • None

    151 14.66%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrasherx2k1 View Post
    Skinomi is by far the best screen protection at the moment for the Palm Pre. Not only does it cost half the price of Invisible Shield but it also is SOOO much easier to apply and has the same anti scratch material Invisible Shield does. Go to amazon and look it up. Going for $9.99 with free shipping. Cant beat that!
    Is the one on Amazon the one that covers the sides as well, or does it just cover the screen?

    EDIT: Using "get25" on skinomi's site, it is $8.96 including shipping, so I am doing that instead. =D
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    Quote Originally Posted by dfine1966 View Post
    I personally hate the ones that you have to use water to apply. I tried Invisible Screen a year in half ago and failed miserably. I just tried Bodyguardz (just front screen) on the Pre yesterday and both got messed up. Actually one got messed up, the second seemed to be damaged, already had a dimple in it before taking it off the paper. I tried the solution to soften it. I looked like a big white dot. After 12 hours it didn't go away, and it was in my line of vision. It was very annoying to say the least. I give up on trying these. I you have fat fingers and two left hands like me, don't get any of these that use the solution to apply. Now I have to wait another 12 hours to make sure I can turn my phone on. For those of you that don't want a water solution based screen protector for the PRE, here is an alternative. I just ordered them. You can add it to the list if you want.
    Amzer Anti-Glare Screen Protector - Pack of 6 For Palm Pre for only $8.95.

    Here is the link:

    Amzer Anti-Glare Screen Protector - Pack of 6 For Palm - Palm Pre -
    I like my ZAGG. If you send me your Pre and a Zag, I'll put it on for you. It's really not that bad once you the basic idea.

    THe reason I like it over simpler shields is that the ZAG protects the corners and the sides which is major when you drop it (and don't we all).

    That and a lifetime warranty if you ever figure out how to scratch the ZAGG.

    I swear I think I could shoot it across my driveway and it wouldn't scratch.

    Does it interfere with swiping? for a few minutes until you get used to it. Fortunately the Palm is a plastic screen anyway, so it isn't much of a change like t would be if you put a ZAGG on an iphoney.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Renderhaus View Post
    Can someone tell me which of these protectors adds a bit of texture to the surface?

    I haven't gotten my Pre yet, but I've fooled around with my wife's enough to know that whichever protector I get, it needs to have some texture. She's got none right now and the face of that slide is just too darn slippery. Even with two fingers I find it challenging to open because I don't want to press down too hard on it and contribute to the Oreo effect.

    I just need enough texture to make it easy to slide up.
    I feel the same way, so I haven't put the back half of the ZAGG on yet. I had it on on both sides of a previous phone, and I thought I didnt like having the back so slippery. And, it's cheaper if you only buy the front part.

    Amazon prices for the ZAGG were excellent when I bought mine.
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    I'm not worried about the back of the device. If you hadn't seen this post over in the Pre forum, then check it. This is what I'll be doing to the back cover of mine as soon as I get it.

    I'll never have to worry about it slipping out of my palm with that on there. Plus it'll look totally unique to any other device on the market (well, not that the Pre isn't unique enough as it is.)
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    Screen protectors really detract from the "experience." Sprints EPP is my screen protector.
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    For screen Protection I have always gone with Brando screen protectors. All my past devices still have their original Brando protectors on them. Which i install the day I purchase my device sometimes before.
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    I've never liked Brando too much, since those I had felt a bit too sticky. I'm fine with my Invisible Shield with respect to stickiness, but the screen gets slightly blurred. How about the Brandos? Better or worse talking about image quality, colors, etc.?
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    I am using Zagg invisible shield and I think this is the best screen protector I have ever gotten.I got this for $12.48.
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    Does anyone know how grainy Brando's anti-glare protector is compared to Boxwave anti-glare ?

    I got a Boxwave anti-glare and while I liked the surface and texture of it I didn't like the amount of grain on the screen. I have a Power Support anti-glare on my ipod touch which has very little grain compared to Boxwave's. I'm looking for something similar.
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    I use ZAGG. I am very happy with it, and they will replace it for free if it gets damaged. I haven't been able to scratch it yet, even though My phone is usually in the same pocket as my keys...
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    I tred ZAGG several times. Even had Best Buy install it 3 times. I was never satisfied with neither the texture of it, nor how well the installation was done. Out of 2 of the 3 times it also had long horizontal and vertical lines running on it at the same exact spot, right above the gesture area that defracted the light from the screen and looked like ugly scratches. I take it it's a manufacturing defect. After seeing that I would never spend another dime on a ZAGG again.
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    My vote went to Phantom Skinz. I ordered mine the other day and should be getting them in the mail. I got two for $14.00 after doing a quick search for promos. I don't remember the code, but do a google search, they are giving 25% off right now.

    Might change my vote after I get them and realize I suck at applying them lol.
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    looking to purchase a screen protector for my pre plus.
    are any screen protectors scratch AND fingerprint free?
    for those with the boxwave, I noticed on their website both the antiglare (which they claim is fingerprint free) and crystal clear protectors. are both scratch resistant, and is the crystal clear also fingerprint resistant?
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    I don't think the crystal clear are finger print resistive. The antiglare are but that makes the protector thicker. I am thinking about boxwave but 13.00 is a bit high for two little pieces of plastic.
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    BSE. In my experience they smudge less noticeably than Invisible Shields.
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    after reading through a good half of this thread I am still left with my main concern:

    is there any skin doing a good job of anti glare the display without adding the blur of a matte surface?
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    I went to an official Zagg store Kiosk at the Mall near me. I used this service cuz i have had trouble in the past trying to get a screen protector on just right (CTS). Well, it got installed perfect....except it felt as if some one had rubbed a sticky sucker all over my screen. My finger was literally stick to the surface of the screen. I did not like this, and after a while i had to take it off. Got something with a much smoother screen Phantom Skinz. It was also nice that they sent two screens for the price of one. $32 dollars wasted with the ZAQQ IMO....
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    I love me the ZAGG.

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