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    Hey guys,
    I love my touchstone charger, but I've noticed it doing a few weird things since I've got it.

    I've learned to deal with the fact that it keeps the screen nicely dimmed with just the clock/lock screen when the phone is on it, and there's no way to turn it off.

    However, occasionally I can hear it make that "ding ding" sound, the sound it makes when you originally put the phone on the touchstone. I'll look over and my main screen will be showing, and the bottom will say "Charging battery". I also notice that once it gets to this screen, it won't shut off from this screen, and it may continue to keep on making the "ding ding' sound. I also noticed because of this issue, that I'll wake up with my Pre just sitting on the main screen (with quick launcher in site) the whole night, which can't be too good for the screen.

    I know I have my phone correctly on the touchstone, and I was wondering if anyone elses touchstone did this?
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    I'm going to give this one a little bump. I was going to let it die because it stopped doing it for a day or so, but it has started to do the same thing again.

    Now, I wake up in the morning and my Pre's main screen is on, NOT the dimmed screen that just shows the lock button. This matters a lot to me because if my Main screen comes on in the middle of the night, and its always on, I really think it might not be good for the screen, especially if it keeps doing this. Any thoughts??
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    Ive noticed that if the back of the Pre does not have a good connection with the metal prongs on the phone, it causes some weird problems. For me, I would throw it on the touchstone and it wouldn't start charging for a few minutes and it would do what you said.

    I just popped the back off and pressed it firmly back on and its been fine since then.
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    That was going to be my suggestion too.
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    Hey guys,
    Thanks for the suggestions. I tried them, and they still don't work. My phone at 100% charge still keeps coming out of the dimmed screen/lock mode when put on the dock. Its really annoying as I always wake up finding my screen on. Plus I have to switch the ringer switch off to turn off that annnoying "ding ding" sound, but by doing this, I also miss important calls that I may need at night.

    Any suggestions???? Anyoneeee??
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    Well I did a search and it looks like there's a thread in the Palm forums with quite a few people with the same issue, there's even a video showing whats going on:

    Touchstone issue... - webOS Hardware - Palm Support Forums

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    I am having this issue as-well.

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