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    I am sure there are many others out there like me who are searching for the best way to carry/protect this new wonderful device. We have already seen some who have had the misfortune of having cracked displays and such from possibly not carrying the device well protected.

    So if you already have - or or plan to - use a specific case, screen protector, holster, full device protector, etc... tell us about it here and how it is working for you.
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    I am carrying my pre around, in my pants pocket, in the little carrying case that was included in the box. No issues here, yet.
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    mine is covered
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    Just using the little pouch that came with the Pre. I also switched the back since I got the touchstone. So far its been working out well, but I am also waiting for my Best Skins for the front.
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    Waiting for my invisible shield and i'm using my old Htc touch pouch which is the same size as the Pre.
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    Invisibleshield + Pre soft case.
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