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    So yes I want a Static cling for my screen. Whats the best one out there? I don't find anything on the forums. Just the ones with the spray solutions. Please let me know and thank you!
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    The best static cling screens I've used since the Palm Tungsten T3 days (plus my canon cameras, nintendo DS, PSP, etc since) has been

    Brando Workshop. (do a google search, I don't have 10 posts yet so can't give you the url haha)

    They have an Ultraclear which is... well... clear. And an Enhanced which has a matte like finish to prevent reflection. They don't have one for the Palm Pre specifically yet, but you can probably order a big one and cut it to size with an exacto. Or wait a couple more weeks and they might have it.
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    Thank you!!!

    If anyone have any others that are for the pre please let me know!

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