1) Does playing A2DP drain the battery ultra fast? I wanted to stream Pandora to some headphones.

2) While using intensive applications like Pandora, I notice that sometimes the phone can get a little warm. Would this be a problem if I carry the phone in a leather case where it cant breathe? The official leather case covers up the headphone jack so bluetooth audio is really the only option.

3) Are there any A2DP headsets with good sound quality? The last time I tried A2DP about a year ago on my LG Dare I was very disappointed with the quality of the music - I tried Jabra and a Plantronics set and quickly went back to wired. The music was too soft and sometimes I would get interference. From what I could find, it seems like most A2DP headsets are 2 year+ old technology/models, where are the advances? We need better sound quality and more efficient battery life.