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    are you guys planning on putting the shield on yourself or are you going to take it in somewhere? i'm worried about ruining my pre doing it, but i have put the shield on my ipod touch with no problem...but i'm wondering if maybe the kiosk people at the mall have better training in doing it? does anyone know?
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    What kiosk's. I must live in a state that has none of these products. I live in Connecticut. I am nervous about putting it on, but I am only getting the screen only not full body.
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    just do it yourself its easy. if you mess your alignment up just pull it off and re wet it. and don't worry about the bubbles to much they will go away in a few days. i will admit the corners are a pain but you will get it.
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    Is there any way to find out where the closest kiosk is? I looked on Zagg's site, and they have something for finding retail stores that sell Invisible Shield but I can't see that they have a way to find kiosk locations.
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    I prefer the Besk Skins Ever Directions and do the shallow dish method instead of a spray bottle. It takes longer to dry but you have more time to move it around before it starts to get sticky. This is good because once it starts to stick too much, if you try to peel it off to adjust you can stretch it and also get these micro cracks. It happened to me on one of my Nintendo DS screens although it's only noticeable with the screen off.
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