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    Graveyard Mall is offering the Energizer "Energi To Go" charger for Motorola and Blackberry (I cannot link to it because I have less than 10 posts, can someone with more privileges link please?). Use the coupon code Energi2009 for free shipping. When you get the product, there will be a code for an online survey on the package and once you take the survey you get the purchase price back.

    Now the big question is: will this charger be compatible with the Pre? From the picture it appears to have the same micro-USB connector. I'm in for one because I figure for free I can't go wrong.

    Looks like this deal may be today only (2009-06-09). To get to it go to Graveyard Mall and click on the "Show me the price" button for the thermometer deal of the day.
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    EnergizerŽ Energi To GoŽ Portable Power for Motorola & Blackberry (Free After Online Survey)
    It's a survey for a $10 mail in rebate on a $10 purchase, so it's debatable whether that's free. I'd say the Pre is closer to being $199 with contract at a Sprint store than this is free.

    The tip should work, though, if it can put out enough juice. It specifically says it comes with multiple tips including Micro USB.

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