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    I can't get any of the codes to work or even get the $7.99 price.
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    I think it showed as the $4.99 price earlier today, with an indicator that it was on sale. That appears to be gone now.

    Blasted Invisible Shield is $29.99 at Best Buy today. I'm thinking, no.
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    installed front and back and it works just fine with the touchstone. As far as installing and micro bubbles go - blow dryer is your best friend
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    Received my $4.99 Best Skin Ever in the mail today and installed this afternoon. I only put on the front cover and it fit great. I shot it with windex and installed in a steamy bathroom to reduce floating debris. It protects the screen and more importantly the edges of the device in case of a drop (I dinged up the corners of my old touch pro the first month). I was worried I'd feel the edges of the protector but I don't. There is slightly more resistance on the screen but not much and it's very clear. This replaced a DLO cut to fit screen protector that was extremley grainy and crappy.

    Highly recommend BSE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by deadpanwalking View Post
    Isn't Zagg the maker of the Invisible Shield?
    my bad......Clear Protector. They have a 50% off sale going.....code is fathersday09
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    Got mine yesterday installed it and came out perfect except for that orange peel effect on front the back came out smooth and clear. I was warned about orange peel but took a chance, I do like the tacky thick feeling in back. I will be ordering Phantom Skinz for the front and replace the back when necessary.
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